There is Hope for Troubled Boys

At Liahona Academy we believe that bringing families together and healing the delicate bond of "family" is a major part of the restoration process. There is hope! We feel that taking families through a step-by-step therapeutic process results in total restoration.  It is critical that together, Liahona and the families, ensure complete success in order for "hope" to be restored.  It is a long process, but a worthy endeavor in every respect. Hope for Troubled Boys

Liahona Academy is a fully licensed and accredited Residential Treatment Center for troubled teen boys ages 12 to 17 years old. We believe that true education lies in the ability to control yourself, in word, action, behavior, appetites and desires. The true test of a therapeutic program is the positive long-term impact the program has on the child, the family, and their community.

Hope for the Family

At Liahona Academy we serve the entire family.  We encourage family restoration from day one.  We recommend total family involvement to ensure that hope is restored to its fullest.

Family Visits: Family visits are strongly encouraged while your child is in the program to maintain consistency in keeping your family updated with the progress of your child.

Family Therapy: Family Therapy sessions are held during family visits to help each family better understand the recovery phase that each child works through in overcoming his issues as time approaches his completion of the program.

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