Top Teenage Depression Tests Online

While some amount of depression is common during the turbulent adolescent years, it can be hard for parents to know whether their teen is facing a real problem or is simply acting his age. Feeling “low” or “sad” can morph into official depression when it is persistent or has been going on for a sustained period of time. Properly researched self-tests for depression give individuals an effective way to evaluate their mental state based on the different aspects in their life. This selection of tests geared specifically toward teens is designed to educate you about both the challenges of depression and help you determine what level of it your teen is facing.

Go through the questions on these tests with your child so you can be clear on what his greatest challenges are. The questions asked on each test will also give you a better idea of warning behaviors to watch for. You may be able to help reduce or eliminate some of the triggers and risk factors leading to depression. Being as informed as possible will help you get your childthe help that is right for him to become healthy and happy.

These tests do not substitute for the advice and consultation of a licensed physician.

Ten Teenage Depression Tests Available Online


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