Troubled Teen Boys Get Their Lives Straight At Liahona Treatment Center


Behavioral issues for troubled teen boys encompass a large range of problems, including anger, academic struggles, depression, rebellion, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, abuse and trauma. However, substance abuse is likely the most prevalent problem for struggling teen boys. The National Center for Biotechnology Information, a federal agency, reports that an estimated 1.5 million teens struggle with a substance-use disorder. However, only about 111,000 or 7 percent, are receiving treatment, whether outpatient or at a residential treatment center.

An Overview of Our Mission and Philosophy

The Liahona Treatment Center provides residential treatment for teen boys. Their goal is to help each adolescent become a productive member of society by cultivating the necessary physical, mental and emotional skills in a safe environment.

The program uses a therapeutic behavioral model with a balance of discipline and love. As your boy feels the atmosphere of acceptance from the staff and counselors, he is able to accept the help provided. He is held accountable for his actions during this process. As he sees that others believe in him, he will rise to meet those expectations.

Giving Your Child a Fresh Start

In some cases, removing a struggling teen from their environment and away from the pressures of negative peers might give him the clean break that he needs to motivate him to change. We accomplish this by using the following methods:

• Behavioral therapy – both individual and group

• A strong academic program

• Experiential therapy and

• Recreational therapy

Individual and Group Therapy

Troubled teen boys change through the use of behavioral therapy. As a parent, you might have placed your child in counseling in the past, to no avail. Your child might not have responded to the program, or his old lifestyle and negative influences might have pulled him back into the same harmful behaviors.

Individual therapy offers your son insight into the reasons for his behavior and helps him develop trust with a licensed marriage and family therapist, who is trained to address the issues that affect teens. During group therapy, boys are placed in one of several groups that best meets their needs, such as peer support, substance abuse, leadership training or other groups.

Academic Achievement

At Liahona Treatment Center, we assume that every student is college-bound and have designed our curriculum accordingly. However, we understand that your son might need grade repair or credit recovery. Many of our students make up delinquent class work and boost their GPA while with us, in part through the use of tutors. We offer an accredited program with certified teachers and very small class sizes. Instead of rushing teens through the material, we let them work at their own pace.

Experiential Therapy

Experiential therapy engages the boys in talking through problems, improving communication skills, and overcoming the issues that brought them to this point. We use a team approach that involves students, parents and staff.

Recreational Therapy

Boys can participate in numerous sports and recreational activities designed to help them burn energy and relieve stress, such as:

• Football

• Weightlifting

• Water skiing

• Camping and

• Many more.


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