Troubled Teens Find A New Beginning In Utah Therapeutic Boarding School


Boarding schools offer troubled teens the opportunity to find a new beginning. As you prepare to enroll your son in a new school, talk about what you want from the school with him so that you can reach the goals that you have for recovery together. If your son agrees to the idea of boarding school, he will be more likely to succeed over the long stretch. However, convincing him of the benefits of attending boarding school might be challenging as he will face moving away from family, friends, and his entire life as he knows it. While a major move is difficult at any age, teens especially struggle with such significant changes.

1. Gearing Up for Boarding School

One way to soften the blow is to have a discussion with your son about the school. Remind him that you have his best interests in mind as you have been caring for him in almost every way since before he was born. Address what he needs to prepare for the future. In addition to academics, emphasize other possible interests, such as horses, sports, music or whatever interests him. Remind him that troubled teens can find a new beginning at a Utah therapeutic boarding school.

2. Caring Staff and Educators

Unlike public school in your home town, boarding school teachers are with students nearly full-time since most live right on campus. As these concerned adults are involved in your child’s life and learn what’s important to him, they will be better able to deal with any issues that surface in his life. Most boarding schools include a close-knit group that is connected with each other, which means that the staff and peers will know if he tries to withdraw. Instead, they will understand him and help address his problems as they surface.

3. Loving to Learn

A love for learning stays with students long after they finish school and helps them throughout both their personal and professional life. Therapeutic boarding schools choose teachers with this in mind and look for a strong background in their area of expertise along with a special love for working with adolescents. Once your son works through some of the behavioral and emotional issues that brought him here in the first place, this added component of caring and concern sparks your child’s interest in lifelong learning. In addition, your child will now be able to start focusing on school and career plans once he graduates. As he matures, he can more easily understand how a love of learning integrates into his life and how it will benefit him in the future.

4. Affordability

In the past, therapeutic boarding schools were thought of as expensive places reserved for those who could afford to pay the steep fees. However, some of that financial burden has been removed in recent years with the availability of financial aid. Ask about how you can apply for help so that your troubled teen can find a new beginning at a Utah therapeutic boarding school.

5. Round-the-Clock Supervision

Parents can find reassurance in the fact that their child will receive round-the-clock supervision. During their stay, the school acts as guardians at a secure and safe campus. In addition, your son’s eating habits are monitored with meals professionally prepared. While he and the other teens in the program will have free time to relax, he will have a full schedule, including school, homework, sports and extracurricular activities.

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