Unhealthy Sexual Conduct in Troubled Boys

When teenage boys are suffering from emotional trauma, mental health issues, and learning disabilities, they often turn to risky behavior to cope. Risky behavior includes drinking, drugs, and unhealthy sexual conduct. Parents may feel frustrated that their troubled boys will not listen to their counsel and can’t understand why such behavior is not acceptable and how it can be very dangerous. When parents want to get their teenage boys some professional help to deal with their issues, they should contact Liahona Treatment Center. Liahona is a residential treatment center that helps teens overcome risky behavior like unhealthy sexual conduct and more.

Parents who have some questions about how Liahona Academy can assist troubled boys with recovering from unhealthy sexual conduct should call 1-855-587-1416.

Parents Should Consider What Is The Right Treatment

When it comes to getting professional treatment in a group home experience, there’s no better place for teen boys than Liahona Academy. Whether the boys are struggling with ADD/ADHD, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, school issues, abuse trauma or unhealthy sexual conduct, the staff at Liahona Academy works hard to provide a structured and supportive atmosphere where healing can begin. Rehabilitation is not easy and residential treatment programs are not all alike. However, Liahona has proven success in helping boys recover.

Parents who are worried about unhealthy sexual conduct know that high-risk sex, unprotected sex, and multiple sexual partners can lead to a lot of problems that can affect the teen’s life now and well into the future. The mental health issues, emotional stress and more can leave parents feeling the frustration of wanting to help but not being very sure where to start. Liahona Academy provides the guidance for teen boys to overcome addictions, mental illness and emotional issues that can lead to bad behavior.

American Teens and Risky Behaviors by the Numbers

Teen boys are risking their health with unhealthy sexual behaviors, because it puts them at risk for sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies and in extreme cases, can lead to sexual abuse or sexual assault. Risky sex isn’t the only problematic behavior that affects American teens.

Parents should watch for any of the following behaviors in their teenage boys:

  • 20 percent of American teen boys had alcohol before turning 13
  • 33 percent of teens in the US have had 1 drink of alcohol once in the last month
  • 7 percent of teenage boys in the country have tried cocaine
  • Only 83 percent of US teens graduate from a high school program
  • The United States has a suicide death rate of 12.97 per 100,000.

When teenage boys are dealing with behavioral issues, emotional challenges, family problems and school struggles, and family frustrations, they need professional help to overcome the toughest parts of growing up. At a group home where therapy and academics blend with structure and compassion, boys can start down the road to recovery

How Therapeutic Treatment Centers Can Help Struggling Teens

The best part about a resident therapy school is that the teen boys are surrounded by support and given guidance on everyday activities by trained professionals with plenty of experience. All changes must be done from the inside out, but successful therapy schools are going to provide the atmosphere and the motivation for teen boys to want to change.

Here are just a few of the benefits that teenage boys receive when they are enrolled in a therapeutic boarding school program:

  • Life skills are learned as the boys participate in community living, such as laundry, cleaning, budgeting, communication, leadership and more.
  • Regular therapy sessions, both group and individual, are run by licensed therapists with lots of specialization in adolescent issues.
  • Accredited academic programs that provide a way for teens to earn a diploma eventually.
  • Qualified English teachers with experience in special education manage small classrooms where teens can move at their own pace, yet still be challenged to succeed.
  • Recreation therapy is designed for teens to get out and enjoy themselves, learn new skills, and boost their sagging self-esteem.

It’s certainly a good idea for teen boys who need therapeutic treatment to enroll in a resident therapy facility that is suited to their unique needs. With support and guidance, staff members can counsel with teens to address their issues of unhealthy sexual conduct and risky behaviors regarding sex. Once they are convinced they have the strength and power to change themselves, they will have a much better shot at becoming happier and healthier adults.

Choose Liahona Academy for Troubled Teen Boys

It’s hard to choose a residential treatment center but sometimes it’s the only way for parents who have exhausted every other resource for their teen sons. Risky sexual behavior is just one of the many ways that teen boys act out when they are frustrated or fearful. Liahona Academy is ready and waiting to help boys just like this overcome all their issues and become the successful men they can be. Therapeutic treatment is just a phone call away for parents who want to help their struggling sons.

For additional details about the treatment program for Liahona Academy, parents simply need to call 1-855-587-1416 for more information.

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