Utah Boarding Schools For Boys Make Positive Impacts In Teen Lives

Raising an angry and defiant teen can be emotionally draining and exhausting. Accepting that you need outside intervention in order to help him get back on track can also be intimidating. While sending your son away to a boarding school in Utah might not be your first choice, such facilities can be life changing for teens that need full time help with behavioral problems. Therapeutic boarding schools are specifically designed to help troubled teens overcome issues such as aggression, anxiety, depression, defiance, low self-esteem or substance abuse. These kinds of challenges can interfere with healthy development during adolescence and the ability to function in school and home environments.

How Does It Work?

Utah therapeutic boarding schools provide housing and counseling for troubled teens. They receive immersive care away from the temptations of their home environment, while being monitored in secure and supportive surroundings. Full time facilities encourage change through a variety of therapy modalities, including group, individual and family. This approach helps teens identify what their underlying issues are and gain the skills they need to heal and cope with day to day challenges. When combined with academics and healthy recreation, each boy is able to practice balance and life skills along with teamwork and effective communication. Consistent personal attention from counselors and therapists allow them to make changes and adjustments to each boy’s plan of care as he works through the program. Because all facilities vary when it comes to their curriculum, it is important that you select one that is most likely to appeal to your son and his unique needs.

Will I Be Involved?

The intimate settings of full time facilities for troubled boys are designed to mimic the home environment. This helps them practice their new skills in a smaller setting and work on effective communication and boundaries in a family style situation. Parents are an important part of the healing process and they also receive coaching and guidance for when their son transitions home. The goal of therapeutic boarding schools in Utah is to help troubled teens make positive changes that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. This type of treatment is very successful for helping boys get on the right path.

Liahona Academy is a residential treatment center located in southern Utah. We specialize in helping troubled teen boys gain the tools they need to become competent and contributing young men. If your teen is struggling with behavior issues, please contact is today for a free consultation (1-855-587-1416).

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