What Residential Treatment Program Is Best For My Teen?

It can be emotional and exhausting to raise a troubled teenager. Many parents get to a point where they feel as though they have tried everything possible to help their child with his behavioral issues, with very little to show for it. If your son has been struggling and has failed to respond to everything else you have tried, a residential treatment center might be the next step.

Residential treatment programs provide full time therapy and care for troubled teens. Although sending your child away from home seems intimidating, he has the opportunity to thrive in a daily therapeutic environment dedicated to helping him turn his life around. Most facilities offer treatment for a variety of mental and behavioral issues, and the one you select should have a strong history in working with whatever is particularly troubling your son. However, there are some standards which you should watch for when choosing the best program.  

  • Safety should be your first concern. Depending on the state in which the program you choose is, there will be different rules and regulations. Along with asking any potential facilities about their experience and safety measures, ask of they require background checks for any staff who will be in contact with your son. Do your own research on what is and is not required of facilities in that state so you know what questions to ask.
  • Effective residential treatment programs should offer individual coaching and guidance for each teen. There is no one size fits all option for therapy, and an official assessment should be the first item on the agenda when your teen arrives. A plan of care that addresses his specific needs should be crafted and consistently updated as he works through the program.
  • You should understand that residential treatment centers are not the same as “teen boot camps,” which rely on physical punishment and intimidation in order to scare kids straight. Studies have determined that the success of such programs is very short lived. You should choose a residential treatment program that implements therapy and positive reinforcement in their behavior modification plan.
  • Your input as a parent is extremely important. While the facility you choose will have some specific ideas and suggestions regarding your child’s treatment, you should be comfortable with how they work with and listen to your concerns. No one knows your child like you do and his treatment should be considered a partnership between you and the counselor and therapists he works with.

Liahona Academy

Liahona Academy, located in southern Utah, is a residential treatment facility, which specializes in helping troubled teen boys gain the tools they need in order to communicate more effectively and overcome their issues. The caring staff at Liahona Academy has 15 years of experience giving teens the supportive and therapeutic environment they need in order to return home happier and healthier. For a free consultation, contact us today at 1-855-587-1416. 

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