What To Expect At Boarding Schools In Utah For Boys

Therapeutic boarding schools are full time treatment centers that provide intensive therapeutic care and guidance for teen with severe behavioral issues. The consistent and immersive environment of these programs takes teens away from the usual challenges and temptations of day to day life. It also helps them identify their core issues and gain the tools they need in order to make positive and lasting changes. Such programs are usually a last resort for parents whose son has been unable or unwilling to respond to regular discipline or outpatient efforts.

How Do Schools Treat Troubled Teens?

Although each facility has their own treatment plan, most involve a combination of group, individual and family therapies. Some also include additional options such as music or recreation therapy as well as academic and life skills opportunities. The primary objective of most therapeutic boarding schools is to help troubled teen boys heal from the inside out, while maintaining or improving their academic status. As you research options, you will notice that each curriculum is somewhat unique; however, most offer a combination of the following benefits and options:

  • Individualized Plan of Care – Because each teen has challenges that are unique to him, he will be evaluated upon arrival by a licensed therapist. This assessment allows the staff to create a plan of care that is designed to target his needs and goals.
  • Academics – Many facilities offer teens assistance with academics through tutors or an accredited educational program. Whether your teen needs help repairing his grades or simply needs to maintain his schooling, you should select a program that is accredited, so he can transfer any credits he earns while he is away from home.
  • One-on-one Coaching – Therapeutic boarding schools are designed to allow each resident to receive personal coaching and guidance from the trained counselors and therapists, while still learning to function as part of a team. This attention allows the staff to amend each boy’s individual plan of care as he works his way through the program.
  • Better Communication – The majority of teens in need of a full time treatment program need to work on better communication with peers and authority figures. A safe and supportive environment combined with a consequence/reward system helps teen boys learn to regulate their interaction and learn the tools they need to create positive relationships.
  • Respite – Full time therapeutic boarding schools offer both emotional and physical respite for parents and caregivers. Because raising a severely troubled teen can be so draining, it is valuable for parents to be able to recover while they know that their son is in an environment that is secure and effective. While parents regroup, both they and their son are able to receive guidance and instruction on how to improve their relationship and work toward positive long term results.

Liahona Academy is a residential treatment center located in southern Utah. We specialize in helping troubled teen boys with behavioral issues learn to manage their day to day challenges and gain the tools they need to lead successful lives. For further information about our program or a consultation about your options, please contact us at 1-855-587-1416.

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