What To Expect When Finding Behavior Modification Schools For Your Boy

Selecting a facility with a behavior modification program that fits your son’s needs can be intimidating. However, most full time options such as residential treatment centersor therapeutic boarding schools are fully equipped to implement such plans in order to help troubled teens turn their lives around. The immersive environments of these programs offer teens an opportunity to make positive, lasting changes away from the triggers and temptations of daily life. Although the actual behavior modification treatment curriculum differs depending on the facility, most of them include a combination of individual, group and family therapy along with recreational and academic options. There are several things you should expect of a school that will be effective for your teen and his needs.

  • Individualized Plan of Care – Your teen may be struggling with issues that are similar to his peers, but no one mends or makes changes in the exact same way. Therefore, it is important that your teen boy attend a facility that is willing to create a plan of care that is specifically individualized for him. A personal assessment upon arrival by a qualified therapist allows the staff to target your son’s medical, behavioral and social needs.
  • One-on-one Coaching – Many full time programs offer smaller class size in order for teens to receive better one-on-one coaching and guidance from their counselors and therapists. This consistent attention is helpful when changes need to be made to your son’s plan of care as he works his way through the program.
  • Academics – Most teens who enter full time care facilities are also struggling with their educational requirements. Whether your son needs help with grade repair or just needs to keep up with his class back home, you should select a facility that will keep him on target with an accredited program that will allow him to transfer his academic credits. Keep in mind that each state has different requirements for educational programs and not all have to be accredited. If academics are a particular concern for you, double check the laws and requirements for the state you are considering.
  • Better Communication – The family style environment that is offered in smaller facilities helps teens learn to effective communication in a group setting as well as individually with peers and authority figures. This sets the stage for a successful return home.

Liahona Academy is a residential treatment facility located in scenic southern Utah. We specialize in creating and implementing behavior modification plans for troubled teen boys in order to help them gain the tools they need to turn their lives around. Please contact us today for a free consultation (855-587-1416).

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