What Your Teen Is Doing On Social Media – The Parents Guide 2014

Teens have always lived complicated lives, now with social media these complications can be shared online. It can be overwhelming for parents to try and understand the dozens of social media networks teens are using today to talk to each other and is why we created this Social Media Guide for Parents. This guide is meant for parents and teens to read over together and create a family plan of how teenagers can use the internet and social media responsibly. Here are a few highlights from the guide.

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It’s important to friend your teen on Facebook but don’t engage. Just let them know you are keeping an eye on what they are doing.


Instagram only has 15 full-time employees and there are five million photos uploaded every day so it’s important to educate your teen about what #’s to avoid and set up privacy settings.


Snapchat has become the preferred method to sext. Nothing is ever truly deleted online; teens can take screenshots of the nude photos and then publish them across the internet.


With 65 million users, Askfm is quickly become the place teens gather online. Users can ask each other any question with the option of anonymity. This openness has led to many instances of Cyberbulling and several suicides.


Tumbler allows teens to express themselves through media but watch out for the pro bullying, anorexia and bulimia pages.


The app is rated 17+ in iTunes Store so expect plenty of drugs and sexual content.

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