Why Summer Programs For Troubled Youth Aren’t Always Enough

As a parent, there is nothing worse than watching your child struggle. There comes a point when you know they need more help than you can give. But, what kind of help? Deciding on the right intervention for your troubled teen boy can make all the difference in the outcome.

Summer Programs

First off, summer programs have their merits. A well-structured program can be exactly what a troubled teen boy needs. Summer camps are an excellent option for low risk youth who have not yet begun to exhibit out-of-control behaviors and/or severe depression or other mental health issues. Summer camps can offer the trouble youth and his family time to breathe away from one another with the added benefit of counseling and activity designed to help your young man function better when he gets home. Summer camps are limited by the season and are not suitable for troubled teen boys in need of serious mental health counseling, for substance abuse, or for those facing legal issues. However, they are generally not regarded as a long-term solution for troubled teen boys.

Why Longer Programs Have An Advantage

Residential programs simply are set up to offer more services in an intensive manner. Therapeutic boarding schools offer the advantage of therapy woven into an academic curriculum. Many troubled youth have classroom behavior issues so the education component gives counselors an opportunity to also modify this behavior. Some troubled youth have undetected learning disabilities which can be identified in this intense setting. Boarding schools for troubled teens can look at a bigger picture too. They can assess the youth in social situations, while participating in chores and work activities; and while dealing with authority. Because of the length of boarding school programs whatever issues the troubled teen is having will come to light over the course of time. Therapeutic boarding schools also remove the troubled youth from the environment which may be contributing to his underlying issues.

Why Choose Us

Liahona Academy believes intensive therapy is the best correction for troubled teen boys. Our mission is what makes us one of the best residential treatment facilities. We understand the difficult decision you are going through right now. We want you to know we are here to help and support you and your son. We also want you to know it is going to be okay. We are ready to empower you son with the social skills he needs to move toward being a productive, well-adjusted, and thriving adult.

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