Why Utah Is A Great Place For Treatment of Your Teen

It’s difficult and intimidating to make the decision to remove your defiant and angry teen from your home. However, struggling teens can greatly benefit from immersion in a safe and consistent environment dedicated to helping him address his challenges and make positive changes. Residential treatment programs are an ideal option for teens who have not responded to outpatient intervention. Because removing their child from the home is such a big step, parents want to be sure that all the bases are covered in terms of safety, experience and effectiveness. While location may seem like one of the top considerations, it is less important than making sure your teen is in the right program.

As you research facilities and programs in different states, you will soon find that not all are created equal in terms of safety and accreditation regulations. Currently, Utah has the most teen help facilities in the country because of its stringent laws, which regulate the industry in the state. Parents from all over the country and sometimes even internationally send their teens to programs in Utah. Not only do the health and safety regulations meet or exceed industry standards, facilities in Utah have strict requirements for the licensing and experience of academic instructors, therapists and support staff.

Utah’s varied terrain and climate also make it an ideal location for recreational and adventure therapy. Hiking, camping, skiing, water sports and more all allow troubled teens the opportunity to recognize their strengths, overcome their weaknesses and create healthy bonds with peers and authority figures. When this is combined with regular individual and group therapy and applicable academics, teens are able to address the root of their issues, rather than simply treating the symptoms

Liahona Academy is located in southern Utah and has successfully helped thousands of teens across the county achieve lasting results. If you have questions about our program or want to know if Liahona Academy is the right option for your troubled teen, simply call 1-855-587-1416 for a free consultation. A knowledgeable admissions officer can guide you in making the best decision to stop the downward spiral of negative behavior and get your son back on the path to health and success. 

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