Your Teen May Not Need Rigorous Help – A Therapeutic Approached Program Could Help Him

Your Teen May Not Need Rigorous Help - A Therapeutic Approached Program Could Help Him

Are you worried about your teenager’s recent behavior? Teen boys that have struggles with academic, social, behavioral and/or mental health problems need professional help, and it can be hard for parents like you to know what to do. Many parents mistakenly believe that a military school is all that is needed to get boys back on a path. They feel that the tough approach taken at such programs will encourage troubled teen boys to shape up.

Instead of choosing a rigorous program like a military school or boot camp for your teen, consider a therapeutic approach to treatment like the programs found at Liahona Academy.

Why Rigorous Programs Don’t Work As Well As Therapeutic Programs

Unfortunately, receiving harsh discipline at the hands of untrained leaders is not going to alleviate the frustration, pain and fear that teen boys have. Teens who struggle with conditions like ADD/ADHD, depression, anxiety, abuse trauma, abandonment/adoption issues and reactive attachment disorder, among others, need therapy, not physical punishments.

In other words, your teen may not need rigorous help like from a military school or boot camp. Instead, consider a therapeutic program that will help him physically and mentally. Liahona Academy is a mental health residential treatment center that provides a safe and supportive atmosphere where teen boys can get the professional therapy and structured guidance they need and find their inner strengths so they can heal once and for all.

Benefits of Therapeutic Programs for Troubled Teenage Boys

You cannot stand by and let behavioral and mental health issues ruin your son’s future. Also, delaying the decision to locate a therapy program simply cannot wait, while you hope he will grow out of it. The fact is that parents of troubled teens need to intervene as soon as possible, and find a program that best meets their child’s needs.

The benefits of a therapeutic boarding school like Liahona Academy include:

  • Individual and group therapy sessions several times per week
  • Family style living conditions where each person pitches in
  • Academic instruction for credit repair and accumulation
  • Accredited school program with the possibility of a high school diploma
  • Recreational therapy that can include horses, outdoor adventure, water sports, snow sports and more
  • Personal development time to explore hobbies and extracurricular activities
  • Family therapy to repair and sustain relationships damaged by past behaviors

Despite the emotional turmoil that arranging for long-term care can bring up, you know that it’s the best thing for your son and that his health and wellness are at stake. Liahona Academy is a mental health residential treatment center that has a proven track record of helping teens heal using therapy instead of extreme treatment options. Teenagers who emerge from therapeutic programs like Liahona Academy have the best chance of long-term success in life as they transition from adolescent to adult.

To learn more about the therapeutic treatments that Liahona Academy provides compared to more rigorous options elsewhere, please call us at 1-855-587-1416.

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