Family Therapy Support | Liahona Academy

At Liahona Academy we believe that bringing families together and healing the delicate bond is a major part of the recovery phase. Liahona Academy is known as the "family treatment program".

Every thing we do is based on supporting and restoring the family. The environment and operation of our school is founded upon a "family concept".  We act and move as a family. The parents of our students deeply appreciate and are thankful for the way we serve them and their son.

Our students re-learn what it is like to be a contributing member of a family; serving others, being considerate, and investing into the overall family experience.  Moreover, our students relearn how to interact, communicate, and function within a family unit.

We feel that giving families the step-by-step progress report is critical in making sure that when the time comes when each boy has completed the program, there are no residual issues that have not been addressed or taken care of.

Family Therapy

Family Visits

Family visits are strongly encouraged while your child is in the program to maintain consistency in keeping your family updated with the progress of your child.

Family Therapy

Family Therapy sessions are held during family visits. These therapy sessions are designed to help each family better understand the recovery phase that each child works through in overcoming his issues.