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Make A Difference: Parenting Tips

Parenting is a crazy, frustrating, and amazing adventure all wrapped up in a bunch of crazy kids. It can seem a little overwhelming a lot of the time but there are a few simple things parents can do to help parent their children. This list isn’t comprehensive by any means but the tips discussed in this infographics can help families grow closer together.

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What Your Teen Is Doing On Social Media – The Parents Guide 2014

Teens have always lived complicated lives, now with social media these complications can be shared online. It can be overwhelming for parents to try and understand the dozens of social media networks teens are using today to talk to each other and is why we created this Social Media Guide for Parents. This guide is meant for parents and teens to read over together and create a family plan of how teenagers can use the internet and social media responsibly. Here are a few highlights from the guide.

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It’s important to friend your teen on Facebook but don’t engage. Just let them know you are keeping an eye on what they are doing.



Instagram only has 15 full-time employees and there are five million photos uploaded every day so it’s important to educate your teen about what #’s to avoid and set up privacy settings.



Snapchat has become the preferred method to sext. Nothing is ever truly deleted online; teens can take screenshots of the nude photos and then publish them across the internet.



With 65 million users, Askfm is quickly become the place teens gather online. Users can ask each other any question with the option of anonymity. This openness has led to many instances of Cyberbulling and several suicides.



Tumbler allows teens to express themselves through media but watch out for the pro bullying, anorexia and bulimia pages.



The app is rated 17+ in iTunes Store so expect plenty of drugs and sexual content.








Residential Treatment Centers Troubled Boys Tennessee

Residential Treatment Centers Troubled Boys TennesseeMany parents of troubled boys from Tennessee who are looking for residential treatment centers for their sons have found success with Liahona Academy. Located in a small town ins Southern Utah, teens are able to escape whatever issues at home or school that are causing the trouble they’re going through. At Liahona Academy, our perfect combination of an excellent academic program, effective therapy, and recreation activities contribute to healing and reform, whatever the issues our students have.

Liahona Academy helps boys who are struggling with behavioral or mental health issues. We have helped numerous young men in the past, and we can help your son, so call us today at 1-800-675-8101.

How Liahona Academy Helps Teenagers

One of the most important cornerstones of the Liahona Academy approach is the usage of recreational and physical activities. In many cases, too much idle time is what contributed to the issues and bad behavior that are the reasons parents send their children here. Boredom can cause trouble, especially in boys. This is why our program incorporates things like basketball, swimming, football, weightlifting, and many others. We also plan field trips into the community, which include hiking, community service projects, bowling, and various other activities. At Liahona Academy, we believe that this helps our students bond and learn teamwork. It has also been shown that physical activity often contributes to success in the classroom by giving students here a newfound ability to focus and work hard. The program is more successful because we opt to put such a large focus on fitness and being physical. When this is combined with our impressive, rigorous academics and the different forms of therapy employed here, young men leave with better, healthier attitudes and behavior.

Making the Right Choice For Your Son

Liahona Academy can be the right residential treatment center for your son from Tennessee. Our unique focus on fitness and activity combined with the unique “team therapy” used here are what truly sets us apart from other therapeutic programs. If you are interested in seeing how your child can change for the better, call Liahona Academy today for more information at 1-800-675-8101.

How do Bullies Keep Finding My Kid?

How do Bullies Keep Finding My Kid?Bullying is a major issue among teens, and if your son is on the receiving end of it, it’s easier to wonder how bullies keep finding your kid. Bullies seek out people who they don’t believe will stand up to them, and it’s easy for young people to be intimidated by them. This is because it can be difficult to assert yourself, and teens are at a very delicate time in their lives where this problem is even harder. If your child is the victim of this horrible act, it can unfortunately have many negative effects on him.

This issue should never be ignored, because it can lead it’s victims to experiencing many mental health problems. Liahona Academy specializes in helping young men cope with this issue, so please call us if your son needs assistance at 1-800-675-8101.

Effects of Being Bullied

“Bullying” is a term that can refer to many things. Among these include name-calling, teasing, starting rumors, yelling, or physically attacking someone. Because adolescence is such a fragile time of life where teens are just building up their self-esteem and confidence, bullying can set them back very severely in this area. It can make them feel sad, lonely, nervous, scared to go to school, and can distract from their school work. In many cases, it can go as extreme as causing depression. It’s quite uncommon for adolescents to open up about the problem if they are the target of a bully, because it’s often seen as something to be embarrassed about. This is very dangerous because without intervention, the issue usually just persists. Feeling the sadness, loneliness, and depression that are caused from this can have numerous negative long-term effects. In order to avoid them, it is key that parents seek help for their kids as soon as they gain knowledge of the situation.

Liahona Academy Works With Bullied Boys

Liahona Academy understands how being bullied can affect a young man. We work to help them regain their confidence, sense of worth, happiness, and ability to stand up for themselves. If you would like your son to receive our top-notch assistance, call us today at 1-800-675-8101.


8 Tips For Improving Communication With Your Struggling Son

8 Tips For Improving Communication With Your Struggling SonIt can be very difficult to get through to teens, because they can often become very cut off and distant, but there are 8 tips that can help parents in improving communication with their struggling son. If you and your child don’t have good communication with one another, it can lead them to some bad behavior, but there are ways to overcome the issue.

If your struggling son needs help improving his communication skills or has any other sort of behavioral or mental health problem, the right kind of treatment can help them improve. Liahona Academy specializes in helping teens learn to communicate more effectively, so call us for assistance at 1-800-675-8101.

8 Recommendations for You and Your Child

1 - Find Common Ground - If you can find something that you and your child have in common with each other to talk about, they are likely to open up.
2 - Fun Setting - Doing something fun together puts everyone in a better mood, and therefore more likely to talk to one another.
3 - Don’t Be Too Pushy - If your child feels that you are forcing him to discuss what he doesn’t want to, he will shut down even faster.
4 - Start Small - It takes time to work into the bigger and more personal issues. If you start by discussing the smaller, day-to-day things that go on, you can ease into a more open relationship.
5 - Bring Up Things That Interest Them - Be sure to introduce topics that they find interesting so that they are more enthusiastic about conversing with you.
6 - Establish Trust - Teens don’t want to feel that they will be judged or attacked for what they share, so let them know they can trust and open up to you.
7 - Open Up About Yourself - Sharing your own feelings, worries, and thoughts will make your son more at ease, and likely to do the same.
8 - Listening - Parents who bombard their kids with questions and opinions and don’t take time to listen make the relationship more strained.

Getting Assistance With Liahona Academy

Communication is one of the most important parts of having a healthy relationship and keeping a kid on the right track. Liahona Academy emphasizes this importance in our program, especially through our use of family therapy. If you are interested in how we assist young men, give us a call at 1-800-675-8101.

Does My Son Love Me Anymore? Troubled Boys and the Inability to Express Their Feelings

Does My Son Love Me Anymore? Troubled Boys and the Inability to Express Their FeelingsBecause troubled boys are often noted for their inability to express their feelings, a lot of parents worry about whether their son loves them anymore. Even though teens can sometimes be very withholding of their feelings, it should not indicate to parents that they truly don’t love them anymore. However, some young people behave in a fashion that would suggest this, which is never acceptable. Even though it is highly unlikely that they don’t love their parents anymore, exhibiting rebellious, dangerous, rude, or other unacceptable kinds of of behavior that make parents think this can sometimes be a cry for help.

If your son is rebellious, misbehaves, is rude, or behaves in any other way that suggests he doesn’t love and respect you, the proper treatment can reform these kinds of actions. Liahona Academy can assist boys with this problem and can help reunite families, so call us today if you are interested at 1-800-675-8101.

Why Boys Have an Inability to Show How They Feel

Many troubled adolescents don’t want to, or simply don’t understand how to, express their feelings. Many young men go through a resentful phase during their youth where don’t want to be controlled by their parents and want to spend more time with their friends. This is often the reason that they don’t express their love to parents, but rather lash out to distance themselves. When it gets to the point of cruel, dangerous, and disrespectful behavior, that is when parents should seek professional help to show their child proper behavior.

Why Liahona Academy Works

Liahona Academy makes it a goal to ensure that our students stop acting out and start treating their families with more respect and love. This is why we use a unique tactic called “family therapy” which is difficult to come by in other treatment programs. You can be sure with our dedicated and passionate staff that your child is getting the best help available, so please call us today for assistance at 1-800-675-8101.

Is There Such a Thing As Normal When it Comes to Troubled Boys?

Is There Such a Thing As Normal When it Comes to Troubled Boys?When parents are experiencing issues with their sons, it’s easy for them to wonder if there’s such a thing as “normal” when it comes to their troubled boys. Normal can mean different things for different teens and their families, but it is very clear that there are some behaviors that certainly can be considered abnormal. If you are concerned that your son falls into this category, it is important to seek help for them. The longer problems persist, the worse they tend to become, so it is never too early to reach out.

If you’re the parent of a troubled boy and you are worried that his behavior is abnormal, the right treatment facility can turn him around and give him a fresh start. Liahona Academy is dedicated to helping young men with their mental and behavioral health problems, so if you are interested in how we can help your child, please call us today at 1-800-675-8101.

Understanding Which Actions are Okay and Which Aren’t

It can be fairly normal for teens to go through a phase where they act a little rebellious or have a negative attitude. If your teen seems a little moody occasionally, or tries to push your boundaries, it is usually nothing to worry about excessively. However, if they persist, or if your son starts exhibiting worse actions, it should never be considered normal. Some examples would include heavy drinking or drug use, stealing, bullying, starting to become friends with a negative crowd, or excessively skipping class and getting worse grades. These actions are never to be taken lightly, because they can be very damaging to adolescents, and can even get them in legal trouble. Additionally, left unaddressed, the problem only gets worse. If your child is taking part in any of these actions, the right kind of treatment can properly reform them.

How Liahona Academy Assists Young Men

Liahona Academy specializes in assisting boys who are struggling with the issues discussed above. Our one-of-a-kind program ensures life-altering change is achieved quickly and effectively. If you have any questions or would like to enroll your son today, please contact us at 1-800-675-8101.