4 Tips For Teaching Sex Education To Teen Boys

It can be tough to have "The Talk" with your teenage son. By the time your son is a teenager, it is likely that he has already learned something about sex on his own. However, neglecting to cover sex education yourself can leave your teenage son dangerously under-informed, leaving room for other troubled teens to fill in the blanks when it comes to sex.

If you need some help approaching sex ed with your teenage son, we have four tips for you to use as you cover sexual education with your son.

Take The Lead When Covering Sex Ed

Along with your teen gaining dangerous misconceptions about sex, there are other reasons why parents need to take the lead in any teaching of sex ed.

  • Parents can deliver the information more effectively using the bonds of family trust.
  • School-mandated sex ed may cover less sexual education than needs to be known by teens.
  • Sexual consent is often either not covered or very poorly addressed, so it is essential for parents to make this clear.
  • Parents should be establishing the family policy concerning sex, that way there is no opportunity for misunderstandings.

Stick To The Facts About Sex

Some sex ed programs for teens use scare tactics to convince teens to avoid having sex before marriage, instead of sticking to the facts about sex. But this scare tactic can backfire in several ways.

  • When teens discover the lies, they will assume everything that was said was a lie and engage in risky sexual practices.
  • The scare tactics can damage a teen's mental health, causing the teen to develop deep anxiety and stress around sexual relations, to the point where they struggle with sex even when married.
  • Teens who run into troubles while engaging in sex will not know what to do when the difficulty arises.

Utilize Online Tools And Resources

You don' t have to teach your son about sex all on your own. There are many online tools and resources for parents to use to cover sex ed with their teens. By using these tools, you can have your teen review some of the resources then discuss the resources with them.

Keep The Sex Ed Discussion Calm

Do your best to remain calm as you discuss sex with your teenage son. It can be challenging but staying calm will help both you and your son engage in the discussion more easily.

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