ADD & ADHD Issues | Troubled Boys

Therapeutic boarding schools can help troubled boys that have ADD or ADHD discover ways to get these disorders under control. Liahona Academy is a therapeutic boarding school that helps troubled boys with issues like school problems, drug and substance addictions, behavioral issues and emotional issues. If you are a parent in need of the right therapeutic treatment center for your teen boy call a parent advocate today at 1-855-587-1416. ADD & ADHD Issues | Troubled Boys

Often parents believe that teen boys perform poorly in school because they are lazy or lack the enthusiasm. While this can be the case, teens also can be suffering from learning disabilities such as ADD, ADHD and dyslexia.

These learning disabilities often go undiagnosed, this becomes a big problem. If you think your troubled boy may have a learning disability, common warning signs are short attention span, difficulty following directions, poor reading or writing, disorganization, reverses letter, or easily distracted.

It is important to get treatment for troubled boys with learning disabilities such as ADD and ADHD when they are first noticed. Teen boys that go unnoticed or untreated often can become antisocial, withdrawn from family or friends, become truant in school, or can get involved in using drugs or other substances

Liahona Academy - Treating ADD & ADHD Issues - Troubled Boys

Liahona Academy helps troubled boys with most kinds of issues go through recovery and rehabilitation with our therapeutic treatment. At Liahona Academy students are supported and encouraged to change and better themselves with the social skills, strength, and confidence they need. 

Liahona Academy provides a structured, caring, and safe environment for our teen boys to recover and heal from their issues. Along with a supportive staff that care about the success and recovery of troubled teen boys. If you are a parent looking for the right facility for your teen boy struggling with any issues or learning disabilities like ADD or ADHD call a parent advocate today at 1-855-587-1416.



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