Adolescent Risk-Taking Behaviors

Teenagers are notorious for taking risks, acting out and doing crazy activities, but when an adolescent starts exhibiting risk-taking behaviors on an extreme level it is then that these teens need help. Liahona Academy is a residential treatment center where troubled boys can receive the help they need to overcome the problems they are facing. Please, call today at 855-587-1416, you are not alone in this struggle the professional staff at Liahona Academy is here to help you.

More on Risk-Taking Behaviors 

Teenage boys are often involved in skateboarding, snowboarding, dirt bikes and other activities that involve taking risks. However, the risk-taking behaviors that parents need to be concerned with are negative behaviors that either affects others or your son himself. Parents, below is a list of risk-taking behaviors. If your son is involved in any of these behaviors, Liahona Academy will be able to provide him the help he needs in order to recover.

   Dangerous Pranks (i.e. egging a house)
   Unprotected Sexual Activity
   Staying Out All Night
   Running Away/Threatening to Run Away
   Bullying
   Use of Cigarettes
   Substance Abuse
   Drinking Alcohol
   Lying
   Interest in Gangs and/or Weapons

When teenage boys act out it is often because of some underlying problem. Acting out is just a symptom of the main issue, while dealing with the behavioral problems is vital, taking care of the main issue needs to be addressed right away.

Liahona Academy Helps Adolescents Engaging in Risk-Taking Behaviors

Liahona Academy is a residential treatment center for troubled boys. The professional staff at this treatment center will be with your son every step of the way of his recovery process to go through life’s challenges and obstacles together. Through traditional therapy and recreational therapy, your son will gain an understanding of the problems he is facing and overcome these issues. At Liahona Academy, your son will learn how to spend time in a constructive way without engaging in high-risk behaviors.

We strongly recommend Liahona Academy to your family and to your son. Through different styles of therapy, an academic program, daily activities and other treatment methods vital to the recovery process, your son will gain the skills and tools he needs to live his life to the fullest. Call 855-587-1416 today for more information on how Liahona Academy can help your son gain a rejuvenated, positive outlook on life.

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