Counseling Services

Most teenage boys often find themselves struggling with problems throughout these growing years of life, but sometimes the problems they are facing can be too big for them to handle alone and counseling services can be a great deal of help to these troubled boys. Liahona Academy offers numerous types of therapy that are available to help troubled boys. Call today for more information on how Liahona Academy can help your troubled son, contact us at 855-587-1416

Therapy has many benefits and teenage boys can learn a lot about themselves and the problems or issues that is causing them turmoil. Utilizing different methods and tools, therapists will work with your son to better understand what is going on in his life and how they can help him work through the problem. At Liahona Academy, your son will learn more about the problems and issues he is facing and will learn the skills and tools he needs in order to overcome these problems and cope with them.

Counseling Services Offered at Liahona Academy for Troubled Boys

• Traditional Therapy: Teenage boys will receive therapy on different levels. Liahona Academy offers traditional therapy that involves individual, one-on-one sessions and group therapy where your son and the other boys at the academy discuss their problems together.
Experiential Therapy: This therapy style is a “hands-on” approach to recovery. Through experiential therapy your son will be able to heal through real world activities. Liahona Academy takes students on recreational activities such as water sports, hiking, weightlifting, camping, skiing, and an array of other recreational activities.
• Academic Program: Counseling services are available to students at Liahona Academy in forms other than therapy. Based on a college bound curriculum, troubled boys are able to continue their education to the best of their abilities while receiving the care and recovery they need to be successful.

Counseling Services at Liahona Academy Will Help Your Son

Liahona Academy is a residential treatment center that provides a caring, therapeutic environment vital to the healing process. We strongly recommend Liahona Academy to your family and your son; the professional staff will be able to provide your son with the help he needs. While residing at the treatment center for the duration of the program, your son will participate in traditional therapy, experiential therapy, an unsurpassed academia program, daily recreational activities and most importantly, his recovery.

We are confident that Liahona Academy will help your son in his journey to recovery through the counseling services offered at this residential treatment center. He will enter the program hurt and angry, but he will walk out with an understanding he did not have before and a rejuvenated positive outlook on life. Call today at 855-587-1416 for more information, the staff at Liahona Academy is here to help you and your family.

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