All Boys Boarding Schools Pennsylvania Troubled Boys

All Boys Boarding Schools Pennsylvania Troubled BoysTroubled Boys from Pennsylvania are often in need of boarding schools to help with their issues, and Liahona Academy can be the perfect place for them. Liahona Academy has experience helping so many different boys with a myriad of different issues, so whatever is is that your son is going through, you can be sure that we can provide him with whatever he needs to make a change. Our talented and dedicated staff is passionate about what they do, so your son will be receiving the best assistance available.

Liahona Academy can help troubled young men cope with the mental and behavioral health issues they are struggling with. Our program has proven to be very successful in the past, so please feel free to contact us about enrollment or with any questions at 1-855-587-1416.

The Liahona Academy Difference

Liahona Academy has experience helping adolescents in all areas of their lives, so whatever issues they are experiencing, we can formulate a personal plan that will best address the problems. While almost all boarding schools employ some sort of therapeutic system, the many different kinds offered at Liahona are what guarantees that teens get the attention they need. Through the use of individual, group, and family therapy, every facet of the behavioral or mental health problem can be worked at. What truly sets Liahona Academy apart from other treatment programs is our use of “team therapy”. What this means is that all staff members, ranging from clinical directors, to therapists, to academic directors, watch over a teen continuously. Through this approach, therapy is implemented in every element of our program. This kind of individualized attention is difficult to come across in any other setting.

Making the Right Choice for Your Child

Liahona Academy serves as a unique, relaxing, and healthy environment for teens to reform and learn to overcome their problems, which is why so many parents Pennsylvania have chosen it for their children. We know what it takes to help young men, so If it sounds like it could be the right thing for your and your teen, please call us at 1-855-587-1416.


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