What Your Teen Is Doing On Social Media – The Parents Guide 2014

Teens have always lived complicated lives, now with social media these complications can be shared online. It can be overwhelming for parents to try and understand the dozens of social media networks teens are using today to talk to each other and is why we created this Social Media Guide for Parents. This guide is […]







Residential Treatment Centers Troubled Boys Tennessee

Many parents of troubled boys from Tennessee who are looking for residential treatment centers for their sons have found success with Liahona Academy. Located in a small town ins Southern Utah, teens are able to escape whatever issues at home or school that are causing the trouble they’re going through. At Liahona Academy, our perfect […]

How do Bullies Keep Finding My Kid?

Bullying is a major issue among teens, and if your son is on the receiving end of it, it’s easier to wonder how bullies keep finding your kid. Bullies seek out people who they don’t believe will stand up to them, and it’s easy for young people to be intimidated by them. This is because […]

8 Tips For Improving Communication With Your Struggling Son

It can be very difficult to get through to teens, because they can often become very cut off and distant, but there are 8 tips that can help parents in improving communication with their struggling son. If you and your child don’t have good communication with one another, it can lead them to some bad […]

Does My Son Love Me Anymore? Troubled Boys and the Inability to Express Their Feelings

Because troubled boys are often noted for their inability to express their feelings, a lot of parents worry about whether their son loves them anymore. Even though teens can sometimes be very withholding of their feelings, it should not indicate to parents that they truly don’t love them anymore. However, some young people behave in […]

Is There Such a Thing As Normal When it Comes to Troubled Boys?

When parents are experiencing issues with their sons, it’s easy for them to wonder if there’s such a thing as “normal” when it comes to their troubled boys. Normal can mean different things for different teens and their families, but it is very clear that there are some behaviors that certainly can be considered abnormal. […]

I’m Afraid That It’s NOT A Phase: Signs Your Troubled Boy Needs Help

It’s very normal for parents to think that their son is simply going through a phase, because it’s hard to accept that they need help, but if you’re afraid that it’s not a phase with your child, there are certain signs that this is true. It’s fairly normal for teens to go through a small […]