Utilize Family Therapy to Uncover Key Issues and Begin Healing Together

Family members don’t struggle in a vacuum. When one family member is going through a hard time, it affects everyone in the household. That’s why therapeutic treatment for troubled teen boys should always include a strong family therapy component. Otherwise, it can be incredibly difficult to come together again as a family. Why Is Family […]

Why Your Teen May Act Out During Particular Times of the Year

Parents expect a certain amount of acting out from their teenagers. However, if your teen starts to develop a pattern to their outburst, coinciding with a certain time of year, there may be deeper issues at work. In many cases, if these deeper emotional issues aren’t addressed through therapy, teens can struggle more to cope […]

At What Point Is a Residential Treatment Center for Teens Necessary

It’s a difficult decision to make, but at some point parents realize it’s time to consider placement in a residential treatment center for teens for their child. They’ve done everything possible to help their teen, and his behavior has still not improved. Maybe you’re wondering if you have reached that point. You’ve Done Everything You […]

Interpreting & Handling Your Teenage Son’s Outbursts

Your son always seems to be angry and hostile. He acts belligerent, defiant, and sometimes even aggressive. No matter what you say or do, he treats you with disrespect and contempt. You don’t understand why he acts this way, and you’re not sure how you should respond to his outbursts. Interpreting Your Son’s Behavior Teenagers, […]

Troubled Teen Truancy Actions Parents Can Take

There are many challenges parents of troubled teens face, and often dealing with school truancy is one of them. Truancy can affect your teen’s grades, delay graduation, and even result in legal proceedings and fines imposed on the parents. The most important actions parents can take to address their teen’s truancy are to determine the […]

6 People to Lean on When Finding a Therapeutic Boarding School for Your Troubled Teen

Finding the best therapeutic boarding school for your troubled teen can be an overwhelming task. There are many factors to consider and many schools to choose from. Different therapeutic boarding schools specialize in treating different kinds of mental, emotional, and behavioral problems, and have different therapy techniques, program objectives, educational curriculum’s and enrichment activities. How […]

Parenting Tactics That Don’t Work on Troubled Teens

One of the frustrating aspects of parenting during the teenage years is when the parenting tactics that you used during your teen’s childhood no longer work. Suddenly, you have a troubled teen on your hands, and nothing is helping them behave better. The problem is, some parenting tactics that have been passed down from our […]

Importance of Family Involvement in Therapeutic Boarding School Aftercare Plan

Finding and attending a quality therapeutic boarding school is only part of your teen’s journey toward emotional and behavioral recovery. While teens who have successfully attended a therapeutic boarding school have new skills and insights, the teens’ reintroduction into the larger society can be a tenuous time. That’s why having family involvement after attending a […]

What Makes Military Schools So Appealing to Parents of Troubled Teens

There have been many TV shows and movies over the years that portrayed the story of a troubled teen boy or girl who attended military school and made huge changes. Also, sending a struggling teenager to military school was a common threat in these forms of media. This constant messaging plays a large part in […]

Channeling Back-Talk to Increase Parent-Teen Communication

Back-talk, muttering, snide remarks, and more are hallmarks of teenagehood. That doesn’t make it any less frustrating to have your teen constantly sass you. But there is a way to reframe balk-talk and make it a positive thing that you can use to increase your parent-teen communication. Because even if your teen is back-talking, at […]