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Boarding Schools At Risk YouthLiahona Treatment Center is a residential treatment center for at risk youth, similar to a boarding school.. We provide a very effective approach to issues related to at risk youth and how best to help troubled boys overcome their bad behaviors. Our unique programs offer many solutions for successful behavioral treatment, as well as year round schooling with grade repair and credit recovery. We encourage our students to continue their education. Parents, if you are out of ideas about how to handle your at risk youth, please call Liahona Treatment Center at 855-587-1416 to speak to our Admissions Specialist and receive further assistance.

Parents, are you looking for a boarding school for your troubled boy? Is your family life in turmoil due to his behavior or emotional issues? Your options range from highly structured residential treatment centers intended for children who display self-destructive behaviors to therapeutic boarding schools intended mostly for promising youth who are struggling with mild emotional and learning issues or traumatic events such as a divorce or a move can also trigger emotions that turn into depression or anxiety. Most boarding schools specialize in treating youth whose behavior is sabotaging their family relationships and school career. But, what is a parent suppose to do? How are you going to know what is best for your at risk youth?

Liahona Treatment Center's residential treatment center for at risk youth who may be experiencing emotional, academic, and/or behavioral problems provide a standard of excellence in an environment of love, discipline, respect and accountability, also safety and security. By contacting our professional support, children will spend their days in group counselling, individual and family therapy, and learn how to interact with peers and adults in a respectful and healthy way instead of wreaking havoc on their lives and the lives of their families.

By learning more about themselves and what contributes to their destructive behaviors, many children find success at boarding schools and residential treatment centers. If you have reached the point of considering a boarding school for your at risk youth that is designed to help turn his life around, consider Liahona Treatment Center at 855-587-1416. By consulting with our professional Admissions Specialist, you can find the right option for your child.

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