Caring For Your Troubled Teen’s Sibling

For parents of a troubled teen, finding the right solution for a struggling teen can become an all-consuming task. However, becoming completely wrapped up in one child can cause parents to accidentally neglect the needs of their other children.

While the other children in the family can help their troubled sibling, it is critical that parents make time to care for their well-adjusted children, as well as their troubled teens. To help you reach this balance, here are some of the things we recommend you do to care for your troubled teen’s sibling.

Give Your Teen One-On-One Time Regularly

Parents of a troubled teen can spend a good deal of their time rushing from crisis-to-crisis and any moments of calm are often spend monitoring the child who is most prone to acting out. While this is a reality for many parents of troubled teens, it is critical that your other children receive one-on-one time with you on a regular basis.

Even if all you do is have a weekly ice cream cone with your other children, it is important for you to make time for them. Not only will this help your other children connect with you, but time spent with your other children can provide you with time to decompress and just enjoy being a parent.

Take An Interest In Their Activities

An important, yet relatively easy, way to care for the siblings of your troubled teen is to take an active interest in their activities. This interest can be as simple as recalling key details about your children’s hobbies to attending events where they are participating. By doing this, you can actively show your other children that they don’t need to act out to receive your attention.

Allow Your Teen To Not Be A Caretaker

It is not unusual for parents to ask the better-behaved siblings to police their troubled sibling, but this task can be a heavy weight for your other children to carry. It is not the job of your other children to be caretakers of an out-of-control sibling that could easily hurt them, physically or emotionally.

Rather than doing this, working with professionals such as therapists, school counselors, resource officers, and others is healthier for the long-term dynamic between all your children.

Provide Them With Space To Decompress

In the case of some troubled teens, they are such a danger to themselves and their siblings that sending them to a boarding school for troubled teens may be what you need to care for your other children.

If your troubled teen is not responding to the therapy and help you can provide at home, it may be time to consider a therapeutic boarding school. Liahona Treatment Center has helped many troubled teenage boys back on the right path, and we are ready to help your family. Contact us to learn more about our program and see if your son would be a good fit.

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