Quit While You’re Ahead: Teen Vaping Addict Imploring Others to Stop

In recent years, the number of teenagers who have used e-cigarettes and other vaping products has risen astronomically. There has also been an increase in teens for whom vaping was a slippery slope into other troubling behaviors and end up attending a residential treatment center for troubled teens. Yet, many teens still buy into the […]

The Real ‘Why’ Behind the Weed: Why Many Teens Turn to Marijuana

Whether you support the legalization of marijuana or not, most parents can get behind the idea that children and teens should not be using any marijuana products. For one thing, it is illegal for people under 21 to use marijuana, even in states that have legalized the recreational use of weed. But even worse, substance […]

Pain in Plain Sight: Teen Mental Health Can Often Be Masked or Hidden

It can be tough as a parent to keep track of your teen’s moods. The teenage years are often characterized as a time of extreme moods-ecstatic with a new relationship, crushed because they didn’t make the team, enraged over tiny things, and other almost outrageous emotional outbursts. But actual mental health struggles teens face can […]

How Does Attendance at a School for Troubled Teens Impact Their Future Opportunities?

Schools for troubled teens or therapeutic boarding schools provide intensive therapy, academic programs, and a structured living environment. These schools provide the help many teens so desperately need with their emotional, psychological, or behavioral issues. But it’s natural for parents to wonder what will happen when their teen graduates from that school and becomes an […]

Will My Son Be Able To Make Good Friends at a Boarding School for Troubled Teens?

If you are considering sending your son to a boarding school for troubled teens, one of your concerns may be about the kinds of friends your son will make while he is there. And, rightfully so. Psychologists report that friends can have a bigger influence on a child during the teen years than the child’s […]

Help For Teens: Residential Treatment Centers VS Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Sometimes, parents find they need the help of other professionals to help their struggling teenagers, especially as their teens’ behavior starts to spiral out of control. Two of the most recommended suggestions are residential treatment centers for teens and therapeutic boarding schools for teens. These two types of troubled teen programs are often referred to […]

Utilize Family Therapy to Uncover Key Issues and Begin Healing Together

Family members don’t struggle in a vacuum. When one family member is going through a hard time, it affects everyone in the household. That’s why therapeutic treatment for troubled teen boys should always include a strong family therapy component. Otherwise, it can be incredibly difficult to come together again as a family. Why Is Family […]

Why Your Teen May Act Out During Particular Times of the Year

Parents expect a certain amount of acting out from their teenagers. However, if your teen starts to develop a pattern to their outburst, coinciding with a certain time of year, there may be deeper issues at work. In many cases, if these deeper emotional issues aren’t addressed through therapy, teens can struggle more to cope […]

At What Point Is a Residential Treatment Center for Teens Necessary

It’s a difficult decision to make, but at some point parents realize it’s time to consider placement in a residential treatment center for teens for their child. They’ve done everything possible to help their teen, and his behavior has still not improved. Maybe you’re wondering if you have reached that point. You’ve Done Everything You […]

Interpreting & Handling Your Teenage Son’s Outbursts

Your son always seems to be angry and hostile. He acts belligerent, defiant, and sometimes even aggressive. No matter what you say or do, he treats you with disrespect and contempt. You don’t understand why he acts this way, and you’re not sure how you should respond to his outbursts. Interpreting Your Son’s Behavior Teenagers, […]