Common Financial Questions About Schools For Troubled Teens

Parents who look into schools for troubled teens often have similar financial questions. To help these parents, we have compiled the most common questions our program advisors have received and provided answers.

How Much Does A School For Troubled Teens Cost?

It can be difficult to say exactly how much a school for troubled teens will cost for your teen. Depending on how long your teen needs to attend the school, the cost will change.

On average, the best boarding schools for troubled teens will cost around $1,000-$3,500 a month.

Do I Have To Pay All Tuition Upfront?

Most schools for troubled teens will not require parents to pay for their teen’s entire school tuition upfront. They understand that it can be a great financial burden on most families, and the schools will accommodate a payment plan.

If you are in a position to pay all the tuition upfront, you may want to ask if you can receive a discount for paying in full. Some troubled teen schools will be happy to offer a discount for your timely, upfront payment.

Can A School For Troubled Teens Be Paid For By An Educational Loan?

While plenty of parents have considered credit cards, home equity loans, and personal loans, these options often come with high-interest costs. Education loans, even private educational loans, often are low-interest and have higher flexibility in their repayment options, which makes them a more attractive option.

If you are considering your payment options, most schools for troubled teens are qualified institutions when it comes to using educational loans. Be sure to consult with the school’s program officer for any accreditation proof you may need to apply for the educational loan.

Does Health Insurance Cover My Troubled Teen’s Schooling?

Depending on what coverage your health insurance offers, your insurance may be able to defray some to all of the costs of your troubled teen’s schooling. A quick way to check if your health insurance may cover this investment in your child’s future is if you have any mental health coverage.

A school for troubled teens like a residential treatment center emphasizes mental health treatment as well as education. With that component, your teen’s attendance can be covered by your insurance. Contact your provider to determine the extent of the coverage.

Are There Any Scholarships Or Financing Options?

Whether there are scholarships, hardship help, or financing options at a school for troubled teens will depend on the school you contact. Each program has their own financing guidelines, so be sure to reach out to the schools you are interested in to see what they can offer you.

At Liahona Treatment Center, we do our best to make healing and quality schooling available to all teenage boys who need it. To learn more about our program, contact us today.

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