Contributing Factors of Adolescent Addiction to Recreational Drugs

Contributing Factors of Adolescent Addiction to Recreational Drugs

Though many parents believe their children are too young and naïve for addiction, it can happen at any age. Addiction to recreational drugs usually starts very young, which can contribute to significant developmental defects.

Contributing Factors to Addiction

As a parent, it’s important for you to recognize the signs and factors of addiction. There are many contributing factors to a drug addiction. Here are a few of the most common.

A Change in Friends

Has your teen been hanging out with new friends lately? It could be that there’s nothing going on, but it’s very common for this to indicate drug use. Oftentimes teens begin spending time with new people to gain access to and do the drugs without judgment of their previous friends. If you get a bad feeling about your son’s new friends, it’s important find out if there is any drug use happening.

Trouble in School

Drugs can be a way for kids to cope when they’re struggling with schoolwork or other students. It provides a sense of mental escape for them. Though it’s extremely unhealthy and dangerous, drugs let teens remove themselves from a situation, which can be comforting for them at the time. They can’t see the negative consequences of this action, however.

Mental of Physical Illness

A common way for teens to become addicted to drugs is through self-medicating. They may have depression, anxiety, ADHD, or another illness that alters their thinking or they may have a physical ailment that makes it hard for them to do things once loved. Either way, teens often see drugs as a medication for their illness, and it can quickly turn into addition.

How Addiction Takes Over

Overcoming addiction is not so simple as telling your teen to stop doing drugs. The brain changes with addiction, and it takes therapy and a strong will to overcome. Addiction can take over your teen’s desire for basic functions of life, like showering, eating, and sleeping. Very few are able to quit without treatment.

Where to Get Help

Getting your teen help for their drug addiction is very important. A therapeutic rehab center and boarding school is an excellent option. It gives teens the professional help they need while taking them out of the dangerous atmosphere where their addiction began. Teens can receive specialized therapy and attend group sessions to overcome their addiction and return to normal life.

At Liahona Academy, we know how to handle teens struggling with addiction. Our program is designed to help boys both professionally and through peer interactions in order to rehabilitate and detox from their drug addiction. For more information about our services and how your teen can overcome his addiction, call us at 1-855-587-1416.

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