Creating Teachable Moments

Every parent wants their child to be smarter, happier, stronger, and more successful than themselves. Raising this amazing human being can be hard, and finding opportunities to teach them all that you want them to know can also be difficult. Here are four authentic ways that you can incorporate teachable moments into your household.

Ask the Right Questions

As with any relationship, the best way to get closer to your child is through communication. When they come home from school instead of asking the mundane question, "how was your day?" instead ask thought provoking questions like, "who did you help today?", or "when were you happiest today?" When you ask the right questions, you will get worthwhile answers back. Your child's responses can lead to open discussions where you'll be able to learn more about each other. These dialogues are a perfect opportunity for you to teach your child because they won't feel forced which means they will be more likely to listen to your counsel.

Learn From Your Mistakes

A lot of times parents are hesitant to share their past with their children. They don't want to "give them any ideas" or think less of them for their past mistakes. Know that whatever crazy thing you did in your youth, it's been done a million times over and won't be news to your kid. Open up to your teen and tell them about your past mistakes, let them know why you regret what you did, how difficult it was for you to overcome, and how you want better for them. Your teenager will appreciate your honesty and most likely strive to learn from your mistakes.

Encourage Opportunities

Some of the best teachable moments come through experiences. For example, only by playing on a team can you fully appreciate the value of teamwork. Sometimes the only way you can discover that you're truly great at something is by stepping out of your comfort zone and auditioning. These opportunities will surround your child throughout their life. From a young age, encourage them to take part in different activities and then watch as each experience shapes them into someone better.

Be Understanding

Sometimes your child isn't going to make the team, or get the part that they auditioned for. Sometimes they are going to come home with a bad grade, or a detention slip. In these moments be patient and understanding. Your child has a right to make some mistakes of their own, it is your job as their parent to guide them back to the person you know they're capable of becoming.

Creating teachable moments in your household doesn't need to be some grand pre-orchestrated event. Utilize these four tips for creating authentic teaching opportunities in your home and you'll find yourself closer to your child and notice them learning from your advice.

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