Defiant Teenagers

Many young teenagers are often defiant and like to break rules every now and again. Yet, when the defiance begins to occur at regular intervals and seems to get worse, parents should look into getting their sons help. Liahona Academy is a residential treatment center for troubled boys that will be able to get your troubled son the help he needs to overcome the problems or issues he is facing that are causing him to lash out and become defiant. If your son is struggling to follow the rules and listen to his authority figures, then please call Liahona Academy today at 855-587-1416; you are not alone in your struggle and do not have to face this problem alone.

Why is My Son So Defiant?

According to research it is known that defiance is more common in teenage boys. While there may be numerous reasons behind your son’s defiance, the most common cause is change. When teenagers experience change when they are not ready or they do not want the change to happen, they will often lash out and fight the change every step of the way. Liahona Academy will be able to help your son get to the core problem/s he is facing and help him work through them so that he may be able to heal.

Liahona Academy Will Help Troubled Teenager Boys With Defiance

 Troubled boys seeking help are invited to come reside at Liahona Academy, a residential treatment center, where they will be able to receive the help they need to recover from the trained, professional staff. The therapeutic program of Liahona Academy is based on the philosophy of “love and discipline. This delicate balance between the two is vital to recovery for the growing teenage boy. This philosophy teaches the boys respect and discipline; characteristics young men appreciate.

In addition to “talk therapy”, troubled teenage boys at Liahona Academy are also involved in experiential therapy. Experiential therapy is a hands on approach to recovery where your son will participate in many recreational activities such as water skiing, football, hiking, weightlifting, camping and many other activities to aid in the healing process. Liahona Academy also offers year round schooling focused on credit recovery and grade repair.

We strongly recommend Liahona Academy for your troubled teenage son dealing with issues of being defiant. We are confident that Liahona Academy will provide a caring, therapeutic environment vital to the healing and recovery of troubled boys. After the duration of the program, your son will have gained an understanding of the problems he is facing and a new, positive and lasting outlook on life. Call Liahona Academy today at 855-587-1416.

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