Encouraging Your Teen’s Positive Interests

When our kids are born, it's easy to assume that they will like all the same things we like and do all the things we'd love for them to do. But we quickly learn that they are their own selves--complete with their own set of likes and dislikes. Sometimes our kids do enjoy some of the same hobbies that we do, and that's great. But what about all the times that they don't?

Encourage Your Teen's Curiosity

One of the the most important things to do as a parent is encourage your teen to try those positive things they are curious about, such as different sports, classes at school, and interesting hobbies. You can start easy by sharing your own passions with your teen, but be flexible about it. Allow them the chance to decide if it's for them. If it isn't, allow them the opportunity to try something else that ignites their curiosity--even if it's something you don't personally enjoy. At Liahona Academy, we encourage our teen clients to try new hobbies because it builds their self-esteem.

Understand Who Your Teen Is

Is your teen introverted or extroverted? Understanding this and helping your teen to understand it about themselves will aid in supporting and encouraging their positive interests. For example, a naturally introverted teen may find a lot of happiness and satisfaction in reading great novels, writing stories and poems, or creating works of art. An extroverted teen is more likely to enjoy team sports or dance competition. The most important thing to remember is that there is nothing wrong with either one!

If your teen needs a stay in a therapeutic boarding school like Liahona Academy, know that we strive to understand your teen and provide recreational activities that challenge and encourage him to be his best self.

Why Your Support is Important

Teens can be hard on each other. Peers can have a lot of negative impact on your teen's life, but you can counteract that by being present. Parents have the opportunity to spend evening and weekend hours with their teens, and studies show that teens value their parents' support and encouragement more than anyone else's! They want nothing more than to be loved and validated by their parents, so your encouragement means the world to them. Attending your teen's football games or dance competitions and calling out "way to go!" or "great play!" may seem like a small thing they don't really notice or care about, but they actually do. The impact of your positive affirmations and encouragement is that your teen will begin to believe in himself.

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