Finding Independence At A School For Troubled Teens

An aspect of a school for troubled teens which surprises some parents is how the program works to help teens find independence. But as teens struggle with depression, substance abuse, or other issues, it makes sense to help teens learn how to become independent and overcome these life roadblocks.

Importance Of Independence For Teens

While many troubled teens seem to be too independent, the kind of acting out which characterizes troubled teens is really just another form of dependence.

Consider this—say a teen is defying their parents to stay out late and party with friends, sometimes engaging in underage drinking and drug abuse. Some may call that being independent, but if you examine the root of why the teen is acting that way, dependence is one of the key issues, as the teen depends on their friends' acceptance and the uses of illegal substances to feel better.

Breaking those chains of dependence and developing healthy independence takes the coordination of a healthy environment where the teen can grow and a program designed to assist teens in reaching the right track, which is where a school for troubled teens come in.

How Schools For Troubled Teen Promote Independence

For teens who attend an all-boys boarding school like Liahona Treatment Center, changes and healthy independence can be worked toward thanks to various program emphasizes.

  • Personal development focus - While many adults eventually learn how to set and reach personal development goals, this can be a hard skill for teens to acquire, especially if they have already fallen into bad habits. While attending a school for troubled teens, personal development is a focal point, and teens learn how to set and achieve personal goals.
  • Learn necessary life skills - Troubled teens often miss out on necessary life skills ranging from proper hygiene to socializing soft skills needed for jobs and interpersonal interactions. At a school for troubled teens, these skills can be learned and practiced.
  • Improve academics - Having low grades can hold teens back from many opportunities, leaving them dependent on parents and low-skills jobs. To help troubled teens reach a more independent future, they can work with licensed teachers and tutor to improve their grades and rejoin their peers academically.
  • Therapy-guided growth - To help make permanent changes, therapy is needed to assist troubled teens in overcoming their struggles. By working one-on-one with a therapist, as well as daily group therapy and weekly family therapy sessions, teens can make real, permanent changes in their lives by identifying the root of their struggles and developing appropriate coping tools.

At Liahona Treatment Center, we have helped countless troubled teenage boys learn how to become independent and happy young men who are ready to meet the challenges that life throws at them. If you would like to see if our program could help your son, contact us. One of our program advisors will be happy to talk with you and determine if Liahona is the right for your troubled son’s needs.

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