Finding The Best Drug And Alcohol Treatment Centers For Troubled Teens

If your teen has an established problem with drugs or alcohol, he may need outside help in order to heal and overcome his addictions. Selecting the best drug and alcohol treatment center for your troubled teen can be intimidating since you want to place your teen in a program that best fits his needs. Residential treatment centers are ideal for teens recovering from substance abuse as they offer a full time therapeutic environment where residents can practice healthy coping methods.

While some facilities are equipped to handle the actual detoxification process, most are designed to address the emotional aftermath by identifying what led to substance abuse in the first place. Teens abuse drugs for a many reasons including;self-medication for anxiety and stress, depression, low self-esteem and peer pressure. Through regular group, individual and recreational therapy, teens are able to challenge themselves and identify their strengths while overcoming their weaknesses.

An effective residential treatment program will recognize the important of an individualized plan of care for each resident. Since each teen abuses drugs for different reasons, it is important to select a facility that understands that there is no one size fits all option for recovery. The daily one-on-one attention from therapists and counselors allows each teen to receive regular adjustments to his plan of care as he works through the program. Along with participating in therapy sessions, treatment centers also help teens work on improving their communication skills and develop healthy relationships with their peers and authority figures. Because each teen needs to be able to return to day to day life with the skills and tools he needs in order to handle temptations and challenges, many programs place emphasis on behavior modification and effective coping skills. Most also use the 12 step program as a recovery module. The main goal of residential treatment centers is to help enable to teens to make changes from the inside out in order to create long lasting changes.

Liahona Academy is a residential facility located in southern Utah. We specialize in helping troubled teen boys overcome their issues with substance abuse and gain the tools they need to handle day to day challenges. We understand that placing your child in someone else’s hands is intimidating and emotional and we have spent over fifteen years creating a supportive and helpful environment that both parents and teens can be comfortable with. If you are interested in our program, or have questions regarding your son’s needs, please call us for a free consultation. 1-855-587-1416.


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