Getting Away From Video Games At A Therapeutic Boarding School For Boys

Playing video games in moderation isn't the worst activity for teenage boys, and many parents assume all age-rated video games are safe for their teens to play. However, some video games which are rated T for teens can still lead a teenage boy down a troubled path. From stealing a parent's credit card for in-game purchases to participating in explicit in-game conversations with other players, many parents have quickly found that they want to get their troubled teen boy away from the negative influence of video games.

By attending a therapeutic boarding school for boys, troubled teen boys have the break from video games that they need, and these boys find new hobbies as they work through the school's therapeutic program.

Therapeutic Boardings Schools Build Face-To-Face Bonds

Video games have an unfortunate tendency to disconnect young men from the people around them while desensitizing them to casual acts of violence. While attending a therapeutic boarding school, this damage to the teen boys' mental health is addressed in part by helping the troubled boys build strong face-to-face bonds. Some of the people these boys build relationships with are:

  • Therapist - To help address any existing mental health issues which a troubled teen boy is struggling to deal with appropriately, therapeutic boarding schools employ therapists which specialize in working with troubled teens. These specialized therapists are experts at building relationships of trust with the students so their mental health can be addressed and solutions can be found.
  • Other students - Rather than only connecting with friends online through video games, therapeutic boarding schools for boys provide a healthy place for friendships to form. From helping support each other in group therapy to working on service projects together, troubled teen boys are able to build good relationships based in the real world rather than virtual reality.
  • Role models - At a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teen boys, the attending boys will work with many strong people, from the program director to the direct care staff which helps the teens during their daily activities. By having regular interactive and support from these people, a troubled teen boy can build a healthy relationship with a good role model.

Teen Boys Engage In Activities While At Boarding School

We have mentioned a few of the activities which troubled teen boys will enjoy at a therapeutic boarding school for boys, but there are far more activities which help the students learn to love and engage in new activities. Some of the common activities for Liahona students are:

  • Hiking
  • Board games
  • Community service
  • Sports
  • Leadership training
  • Swimming

Along with the new hobbies which can be developed by attending students, therapeutic boarding schools supply nutritional training, a robust education program, and much more to help the boys achieve a healthy balance of fun and work.

Trouble Boys Return Home Less Interested In Video Games

Troubled teen boys enrolled in a therapeutic boarding school often spend anywhere from 6 months to several years at these schools. With these periods of distance from video games, many boys return home with a lower interest in video games as they have been away from its addictive influence.

If you feel like our program may help your troubled son with his struggles, contact us. Our program counselors will be able to help you assess if Liahona Treatment Center is the right place for your son.

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