Help From Residential Treatment Centers For Teen Boys With Pornography Addictions

At residential treatment centers for teen boys, it is sadly not uncommon to have teenage boys as young as 13 who are already burdened with an addiction to pornography. If you aren’t sure if your son has a pornography addiction or if he does have one and you don’t know what to do, we want to offer our help and insights.

Signs Your Teenage Boy Has A Porn Addictions

As teens are at an awkward, developing stage of life, it can be tough for parents to recognize when something is a real problem or just growing pains. If you are concerned that your teenager is struggling with a porn addiction, here are some signs you can look for:

  • Increased secretive behavior - Teens who are entrenched in pornography addictions often become highly secretive as they know they are engaging in activities which they shouldn’t.
  • Discomfort whenever you enter the room - Parents of teens with an addiction may notice that their teen often starts with surprise when they enter a room. These teens also often monitor their parents’ movements and activities as they look for opportunities to engage in their addiction.
  • Guards devices like computer and smartphone - One of the easiest ways to trigger secretive behavior and discomfort in a porn-addicted teen is to go near their internet connected devices, as this is how most teenagers are finding pornography.
  • Marked drop in grades - Teens who have fallen into a porn addiction often have rapid decreases in their grades, as the addiction takes over their lives.
  • Inappropriate, sexualized behavior - Especially found in younger boys who become addicted to pornography are signs of inappropriate and highly sexualized behavior. This can appear as acting out toward others or how they speak.

How To Help Your Son Overcome Pornography Addiction

With today’s tech-savvy generation, parents often find it nearly impossible to cut their teenage sons off from their pornography addiction. There is no blocking program that most teens can’t circumvent with a quick Google search, and even if your son wants to overcome his pornography addiction, it can be incredibly difficult.

A safe, therapeutic place your son can address his pornography addiction is at a residential treatment center. With the help of dedicated staff, immersive therapy, and a highly structured and disciplined environment, teenage boys can learn how to overcome their pornography addictions for good.

If you believe that the best place for your son to overcome his addiction is in the structured environment of a residential treatment center, then contact us. Here at Liahona Treatment Center, we have helped many troubled teen boys overcome their addictions and other struggles, and we are ready to help your son succeed again.

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