How To Decide On The Right Therapeutic Boarding School For Your Troubled Boy

Coming to the decision that you need to send your teenager to a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens can be tough. Unfortunately, the difficulty doesn’t end there.

As there are many therapeutic boarding schools available for parents to consider, here are some tools to help you decide on the right program for your troubled teen.

Check Out The Therapeutic Boarding Schools’ Programs

When a school catches your eye, one of the first things you should investigate is what programs are being offered. Do they offer equine therapy or music classes? Is the academic program accredited so your teen can work toward a high school diploma, rather than a GED?

It is also helpful if the school has a daily schedule you can look at, so you can know just how your teen will spend their time when attending the therapeutic boarding school.

Research Testimonials From Parents And Students

A great resource to tap into as you look at therapeutic boarding schools for troubled boys or girls is to research the school’s testimonials. These testimonials can give you greater insight into the school and how effective it has been for other troubled teens.

Along with looking at the written testimonials, you can ask the therapeutic boarding schools if they have parent references you can contact. That way, you can ask other parents what their experiences were and what changes they saw in their teens.

Talk To Troubled Teen Program Counselors

Depending on your teen’s needs, not all therapeutic boarding schools will be the best fit. Some schools like Liahona Treatment Center are same-gender schools to increase the students’ ability to focus on their recovery without other potential pressure of a co-ed school. Other schools are co-ed, and still more work with only a certain range of issues.

To help you sort through all the potential schools for your teen, you can talk to troubled teen program counselors. These counselors may offer their service for free like Help Your Teen Now or require payment. With the help of a program counselor, you can narrow down the options to ones which are suitable for your teen’s needs.

Speak Directly With Staff At You Preferred Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Once you have a short-list of therapeutic boarding schools, contact each one individually to learn more about their program, success rate, how many students are currently enrolled, and more. You may want to draft a list of questions to ask of each school, that way you are prepared for each call.

If you would like to our program advisors about our program and see if it is a good fit for your teenage son, contact us today.

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