Military Schools in Pennsylvania for Troubled Teens

Although parents would prefer to be able to help their troubled teen at home, there may come a time when they are physically and emotionally unable to provide the full time care and coaching the teen needs in order to correct his behavioral issues. When this happens to your son, you may think that military schools in Pennsylvania for troubled teens is the answer, but it isn't. Instead of military school, your best option is to place your troubled teen in a therapeutic facility. Liahona Treatment Center is a rewarding residential treatment center that has helped hundreds of families with troubled boys. You can't do this alone, so let us help you.

Please contact 1-855-587-1416 to see how Liahona Treatment Center provides your teen the help and healing he needs, far more than a military school in Pennsylvania for troubled teens can.

Why Liahona Treatment Center?

Military schools in Pennsylvania do not have programs designed to help troubled teens. While they focus on discipline and academics, there's no therapeutic component to help boys get to the root of their emotional, behavioral or mental health issues. Residential treatment centers like Liahona Treatment Center are designed to help teen boys with these challenges, and have a history of success with long-lasting results. Better than wilderness camps, boot camps or military schools in Pennsylvania for troubled teens, a residential treatment center is the answer to the problem of where to enroll your troubled teen.

Of course, not all teen help programs are alike and different states have varying levels of laws and regulations in place to monitor such facilities. The good news is that Utah, where Liahona Treatment Center is located, has some of the strictest laws in the nation when it comes to regulating teen help programs like residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools. You can have peace of mind if you send your son from Pennsylvania to Liahona Treatment Center, because you know our program meets those extremely high standards. Of all the things to worry about, you won't have to worry if your child is receiving quality care when he attends Liahona Treatment Center.

Boarding Schools Have More Benefits Compared to Military Schools for Boys in Pennsylvania

Although you may assume that you should look mainly at military schools in Pennsylvania, your teen will actually thrive more and do better at addressing his emotional, behavioral and mental health challenges when he attends a boarding school program for troubled teens. Many parents worry about sending their children out of state, but there are definite advantages to enroll them in a school that is a little further away from home. Reasons for this include:

  • It's a chance for your teen to immerse himself in a new and challenging environment.
  • Teens are free of the burden of the old triggers and negative associations that hinder positive development.
  • Teens and parents are able to take some time apart to focus on personal issues that contribute to unhealthy communication.
  • Teens and parents get an emotional respite from each other and get the opportunity to work on rebuilding a healthy relationship.
  • Teens stay in a safe and secure therapeutic environment specifically designed to help them overcome personal challenges.

These are only a few of the reasons parents throughout the country have turned to boarding schools like Liahona Treatment Center rather than a military school in Pennsylvania for troubled teens. Because the boarding schools employ licensed therapists to hold group and individual sessions with each teen, the kids get the treatments they need to heal and progress. School is not ignored, and boarding schools provide the opportunity for students to earn a high school diploma. All in all, boarding schools for troubled youth are a much better choice for boys who struggle with bad behavior.

Teens Are More Likely to Encounter Serious Issues Without the Help of Boarding Schools

When teenagers are dealing with issues that affect their behavior, it's hard for parents to stand by and watch them self-destruct. Some of the more common issues faced by teens include depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, low self-esteem, oppositional defiant disorder, bipolar, and more. If teens go without professional help from trained therapists, they often engage in risky behavior that can increase from mostly harmless rebellion to significant and even dangerous consequences.

Here are just a few of the risky behaviors that Pennsylvania teens are doing:

  • Drug use: 9.9% of adolescents in Pennsylvania, age 12-17, experiment with illicit drugs monthly
  • In Pennsylvania, 16.8% of teens consumed alcohol in the past month, while 10.2% admit to binge drinking
  • In 2018, there were 1,053 total teen arrests for violence and property crimes, as well as weapons and drugs violations.
  • Pennsylvania is 27th for suicide amongst teens in the United States
  • Just 84.8% of Pennsylvania teens graduate from high school

There's no reason to continue worrying that your teenage son will end up as a statistic when you enroll him in a boarding school for troubled teens. There he will be supervised and supported in making good decisions and there won't be much opportunity to engage in risky behaviors. Schools like Liahona Treatment Center are staffed with experienced workers who know what it takes to reach even the toughest teen boy and get him to embrace positive changes in his life.

Liahona Treatment Center is a Better Choice than Military School for Troubled Kids in Pennsylvania

Liahona Treatment Center, located in scenic southern Utah, is ideally placed to facilitate the combination program of accredited academics, therapy and healthy physical play that is necessary to help troubled boys balance their lives and regain a positive outlook on their future. Military schools simply do not have the staff or the experience to help troubled teen boys, so consider our program instead. We've helped hundreds of families just like yours get back to a healthy and happy place where once troubled boys emerge as young men with lots of potential. With 20 years of experience in helping troubled teens, we at Liahona Treatment Center welcome boys from all over the country who are looking for a way to heal and move forward.

Please contact us at 1-855-587-1416 and let Liahona Treatment Center give you more information on how we can provide your son with more help than a military school in Pennsylvania will provide.

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