Narcissism in Adolescents

Boys have their hands filled with responsibilities and tasks that go hand in hand with being a teenager, but when you add problems into the mix such as narcissism in adolescents, these boys need help to get back on their feet. Through a recovery process your son will be able to learn how to cope with this particular personality disorder. Liahona Academy is a residential treatment center that provides recovery and healing to adolescent boys and hope to families. Call today for more information, 855-587-1416, you do not have to go through this struggle alone.

What is Narcissism and How Does it Affect Adolescent Boys?

Narcissism is a personality disorder that is learned, not hereditary, and begins in the teen years. In a study, the results showed that one percent of the population (teenagers) suffers from narcissism and roughly 65% with the disorder are male. Below you will find a list of signs that indicate whether or not your adolescent son has the narcissism personality disorder.

- Low Self-Esteem
- Grandiose Views of Himself
- Develops Fantasies About Himself
- High Degree of Selfishness
- Thinks He is Most Important (over everything else)
- Actively Seeks Compliments from Others
- Over-Emphasis on Achievements
- Exaggerates His Abilities/Skills
- Arrogant
- Expects Special Treatment

Teenagers dealing with narcissism behaviors can see this personality disorder affect each and every aspect of their lives in negative ways. Not only will his personal health be affected, but also his relationships with family and friends, academics and grades, his future and goals and many other areas of his life will be adversely affected. However, there is hope for narcissism in adolescents.

Liahona Academy Treats Narcissism in Adolescent Teenage Boys

Liahona Academy is an in-patient residential treatment center. The professional staff at Liahona Academy invites your son to come reside at the treatment center for the duration of the program in order to receive treatment on a daily basis, through all of life’s struggles. Along with traditional therapy, Liahona Academy offers recreational therapy, a hands-on recovery experience, an unsurpassed academics program, daily challenges and more.

We strongly recommend Liahona Academy to your son and to your family. Teenage boys dealing with narcissistic behavior need treatment and healing as soon as possible. Through therapy and rehabilitation, your son will be able receive the help he needs to get his life back under control and take on each new day with a rejuvenated, positive outlook. Please, call Liahona Academy today, 855-587-1416, the road to recovery starts with a phone call. 

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