Parenting Adolescents

Parenting AdolescentsOne of the hardest times of parenting is during the adolescent stage. Every child is different and deserves different kinds of attention to best match their needs. This time is when most people begin experimenting in different areas and making decisions that could affect the rest of their lives. For advice from professionals at Liahona Academy call 1-855-587-1416.

Preparing Adolescents For Adulthood

As an adolescent, teens have not reached full maturity. They are still trying to discover themselves and who they aspire to become in their lifetime. It is easy for adolescents to stray and fall into paths that can tempt to them to make decisions that can make a negative impact on their lives. This is also the time period where characteristics change from "child-like" to more "adult-like" characteristics. Because of this, it is the perfect time for parents to prepare them for difficult situations that they will face that can result in consequences (good and bad) that will affect their adult years. Learning to ponder an entire situation from different views before taking action can be a hard concept to learn. Some adolescents are thrown into hard trials in these young years and, as a result, are unsure of how to cope. Unfortunately, some of these trials are not in the control of the teen or are resulting bceause of an action done by the teen, which can make it even more difficult to understand how to react.

Reactions of an adolescent can be extreme if they don't understand why the situation they are in is happening and if they can or cannot change it. Situations like illness, divorce, adoption, disorders obtained at birth, financial situations, death, etc. It is important to communicate with your teen, as their parent, and explain to them occurrences they may find confusing or are having a hard time comprehending. Without communication, adolescents tend to act out and change their behaviors and more often than not these behaviors will be destructive. At Liahona Academy, we target assisting teens in understanding difficult situations and how to cope healthily and how to react to them. As a residential treatment center, we have the ability to remove adolescents from these situations and help them gain an outside perspective on the problem. Our many success stories with these young adults are a witness to the hope we provide for parents.

We understand that parenting adolescents is not an easy job. But it is the most important job in the entire world. Liahona Academy has helped families from all over and can assist your family in establishing safe communication that can carry on into your adolescents adult years. Call Liahona Academy at 1-855-587-1416 today to speak with our staff.



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