Process Addictions

Process addictions is a condition where a person is dependent on some kind of compulsive behavior such as eating disorders, spending addictions, sexual addictions, and compulsive gambling. It is a term often used for a behavioral addiction that does not involve an addictive chemical such as drugs or alcohol. Process addictions can lead to serious behavioral issues in teens that can progress on into adulthood. Liahona Academy provides therapeutic programs for troubled teens struggling with a wide range of addictions, including process addictions. For more information about Liahona Process AddictionsAcademy and process addictions, call us today at 1-855-587-1416.

Sadly, process addictions are often overlooked or neglected because most people focus more on substance addictions. What these individuals don’t realize is the negative effects of process addictions on families and teens result in many of the same struggles as that of substance addictions. Process addictions deserve the same extensive treatment as substance addictions and should be addressed just as quick. There are so many classes and awareness programs about substance addictions, but not many of process addictions, which is the reason this addiction is overlooked. Individuals including parents, friends, and family of teens struggling with this compulsive addiction struggle with finding the correct treatment because of the lack of understanding and shame that can come with process addictions.

Understanding Process Addictions and The Effects of Teens

Like substance addictions, there are chemical and biological changes that occur in the brain for individuals struggling with process addiction, which is why this addiction deserves a therapeutic intervention and organized programs to assist in recovery. The compulsive behaviors that develop process addictions create a natural high that most people thoroughly enjoy. Once these behaviors become an addiction, it can feel almost impossible to “just stop”. When signs of addiction begin to become more and more apparent, friends and family will usually tell teens to use “willpower” and stop participating in the actions that have led to a process addiction. Compared again to substance addictions, process addictions create a chemical imbalance in the brain so that “willpower” alone can’t reverse the effects and behaviors in teens’ lives.

Therapeutic Services Offered at Liahona Academy For Teens Struggling With Process Addictions

In order to completely abstain from the compulsive behaviors that have resulted in a process addiction, treatment should be carefully researched and chosen. Treatment centers that hold a long-term commitment are recommended to teens struggling with addiction, including substance and process addictions. Liahona Academy is a long-term residential treatment center that has developed programs specifically designed to help treat addictions.

We understand that one of the most important steps in overcoming addiction is having a sincere desire to stop. For teens, this is exceptionally difficult because of the usual issue of a lack of motivation. Our staff at Liahona Academy will assist teens struggling with process addictions to develop the necessary tools and motivation needed to get on the path to an addiction free life. The friendships developed between our staff and teens create a solid foundation of support that can help push them to greatness.

Liahona Academy is ready to help teens struggling with process addictions. Become aware and understanding of process addictions and the results that can occur in your teen. Call Liahona Academy today at 1-855-587-1416 to further discuss process addictions and treatment programs.  

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