We Address the Root Problems | Troubled Teens

At Liahona Academy we focus on the root problems that have led to a "troubled life".  We hone in on the problems and issues that are associated with defiance, rebellion, and poor impulse control (making poor choices).  The issues that you face as a parent of a struggling teen can become "beyond your ability" to handle.  We specialize in turning around lives, restoring hope, and returning destiny.  Call us today!  Addressing the Root Problems

Root Causes That Must Be Addressed

  • Substance Abuse
  • Negative Peers
  • Learning Disabilities
  • School Failure
  • Depression

As a parent of a troubled boy you realize that something must be done to change his present course before its too late.  Everyday your decision to act becomes more and more crucial. Unfortunately for some parents an immediate intervention is necessary.  Sometimes placing a child into a controlled therapeutic environment is the only answer. Without a controlled therapeutic environment, any attempt by the parent to intervene can be disrupted by the influences of his current friends and cohorts.

Academics - Therapy - Recreation

Academics: Liahona Academy's accredited academics are based upon college bound curriculum, encouraging boys to further their education after their graduation or whenever they complete the program.

Therapy: Therapy is an effective element that we utilize to accomplish our overall design to help students build inner strengths, overcome emotional and behavioral problems and develop good communication and problem solving skills.

Recreation: Liahona Academy students will participate in many recreational activities such as water skiing, swimming, bowling, basketball, football, skiing, hiking, softball, weightlifting, camping, movies, and many other activities according to their eligibility.

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