Structure and Support: A New Environment May Be What Your Struggling Son Needs

Parents of sons often meet challenges with their behavior. Boys tend to be troublemakers and often participate in self-destructive behavior like lying, defying authority, anger, and substance abuse. When this behavior begins to put themselves and others at risk, they may benefit from a residential treatment program for teen boys. With the right structure and support, you may find that a new environment is just the remedy for your struggling son.

Does Your Son Need to be Removed from His Current Environment?

If you have tried to create boundaries and rules for your son but haven’t seen any progress, it could be that the environment isn’t conducive to a change in behavior. He may be hanging out with the wrong crowd that further encourages bad behavior. It’s often almost impossible to separate your son from this group, even when you ensure your son isn’t around them after school.

Your son may feel too much pressure from family members, school authorities, and other influential adults in his life that is affecting his behavior. When they experience triggers from many sources, it can be too difficult to examine their own behavior and recognize a need for change. Changing the environment to remove all this extra stress could lead to better results in behavior modification.

Why a New Environment Could Be the Right Solution for Your Son

An all-boys boarding school for troubled boys like Liahona Treatment Center is not a traditional boarding school. It is a residential treatment program providing both clinical and therapeutic assistance to those boys who continually exhibit at-risk behaviors.

Liahona Treatment Center is a licensed residential treatment center staffed with experienced physicians, clinicians, and therapists available to offer clinical therapy to young boys.

Liahona Treatment Center works with teen boys from different backgrounds struggling with similar behavioral issues. We customize our approach to treatment based on the teen’s unique needs and address many behaviors and conditions, including depression, anxiety, aggression, personality disorders, drug abuse, academic performance, and more.

When your son enters this new environment, it can signify a fresh start. He’s far away from the judging eyes of his former teachers, classmates, and other adults. He starts at square one with the professionals at the program and has the opportunity to demonstrate that he can make strides toward constructive behaviors.

Structure and Emotional Support Make The Foundation for Liahona Treatment Center

The way in which we conceived the program was for it to be a balance between trust and discipline. We believe that once a boy feels loved and respected, it’s easier for them to respond to the help offered. While we practice unconditional love with our students, we also have high expectations for accountability. This commitment to structure and support makes our program unique.

We offer a variety of therapy approaches in the residential program, including cognitive behavioral techniques, biofeedback, relaxation training, motivational interviewing, and more. Because we have expertise in a variety of therapy options, we can interact with and connect with boys in different ways, depending on their problems. Our program is well rounded, offering students growth and experience with a number of important life skills.

  • Individual and group therapy - Our staff has years of experience working with boys, and each treatment plan is personalized based on the individual’s needs. Your son will receive individual therapy, family therapy, and group therapy. The goal of treatment is not to simply transition bad behavior to good but to find the root cause of it. Once we learn the “why,” it’s easier to develop a plan to address the issue and engage in promising, lifelong change. Parents also receive the assistance and support they need to understand the behavior and grow stronger relationships with their sons.
  • Personal development - We teach important interpersonal and life skills so that boys can grow to be men that are contributing citizens to their families and communities.
  • Physical health - Boys are involved in daily physical fitness and are educated about proper nutrition. We believe that a healthy body contributes to a healthy mind. These young men learn how to take care of their bodies and often become more confident and place a higher value on their self-worth.
  • Leadership training - The boys at Liahona Treatment Center not only discover how to take care of themselves; they learn how to be leaders and have compassion and empathy for others.
  • Group activities - This includes hiking, swimming, and other activities. It gives the boys an opportunity to have fun and interact with each other in a positive way.
  • Giving back to the community - Our students participate in community projects so they can feel good about giving back, and they receive praise and appreciation for their efforts.

Sometimes letting your kids go and find peace in a new environment is just what they need to become happier and healthier. Our mission is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for young boys to develop the skills they need—mental, emotional, and physical—to be a productive member of society. Contact us today to learn more about our program and how we can help.

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