Summer Camps for Troubled Teens in Oregon

While the image of summer camps may make parents think of fun times and an appreciation for nature, they are not the right place for troubled teens in Oregon. Teenage boys who struggle often behave in ways that are harmful, destructive and even illegal. This gives Oregon parents little choice except to find a teen help program. While many parents pick a summer camp or wilderness camp, experts say that these are not appropriate venues for troubled teens from Oregon. Instead, resident boarding schools provide longer care but produce better results. While Oregon teens are not getting professional therapy, they could be jeopardizing their future.

Liahona Academy can be the best place for troubled teens in Oregon, and interested parents ought to call 1-855-587-1416.

Reasons Why Parents Select Liahona Academy Over Summer Camps in Oregan

Oregon parents are faced with a tough decision in choosing the right therapy resident school for their teenagers. Liahona Academy will put parental minds at ease because its location in a state with tough teen facility laws helps them feel more confident in their choice. Safe, secure and well-regulated, Liahona Academy is a mental health residential treatment center that can make a big difference in an Oregon teen boy’s life.

Contrasting Liahona Academy with summer camps also demonstrates why resident treatment schools are superior to the short outdoor programs. Liahona Academy has accredited academic programs, fine recreation therapy, excellent therapy sessions and much more. Trained staff members are dedicated to helping youth with mental health issues, emotional trauma and behavior challenges. Oregon parents will not regret enrolling their sons in this fine treatment and rehabilitation school.

Teenagers and Risky Behavior Statistics in Oregon

When teens are faced with lots of tough issues and well-meaning parents are of little help, often teens will go through a rebellious phase. This is more than taking steps toward independence. Instead, it is a full-blown effort to mask fear and pain using risky behavior. Not only can this be harmful, but often it is illegal.

Oregon teens may be engaging in risky behavior like this:

  • 40 percent of American teenage boys have tried marijuana
  • 7 percent of teenagers across the country get high with inhalants
  • On average, 32 percent of teens in the US are drunk at least once per month
  • Just seventy-three percent of Oregon teenagers graduate from a high school program
  • Ranking 11th in the country for suicides

The facts are that summer camps for troubled teens in Oregon will never provide the same level of care and attention to rehabilitation as other programs. Rather than risk an Oregon teen boy’s current health and wellness and their future as adults, parents need to intervene and do what they can to stop the risky behavior and let their sons be helped by professionals.

Don’t Choose a Summer Camp in Oregon for Troubled Teens - Choose Therapeutic Healing

Summer camps simply are not designed to provide long-term assistance to troubled teen boys from Oregon. Lacking an academic focus as well as ongoing therapy, summer camps don’t stack up when compared to residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools. There’s no way that parents should enroll their sons in summer camps for troubled teens, because the time frame simply isn’t long enough to effect permanent change.

Instead, parents in Oregon should consider a therapeutic boarding school. Many struggling boys will get the help they need in a supportive and compassionate environment as they go to school, get therapy, develop relationships with peers and mentors and engage in recreation therapy and more. Once parents learn what a resident boarding school can do for their child, they experience relief that they have found the facility that will best meet the family’s needs.

Parents of troubled teenage boys should look at the following factors when looking at a therapy boarding school:

  • All-boys schools: Studies show that an all-boys school helps male teens retain focus on resolving their mental health and emotional issues without as many distractions as a co-ed facility. Teens are able to put healing as a priority and face less competition with peers in a social structure.
  • Regular therapy: Not only are struggling teens paired with a licensed and experienced therapist, they attend group sessions and individual sessions regularly. Identifying mental illnesses and getting to the roots of them is the focus, and a huge part of healing.
  • Academic support: Teens aren’t going to be very successful in life if they don’t complete even the basic level of schooling. Successful boarding schools offer accredited academics where teens can learn from certified teachers and work toward graduation.
  • Recreation therapy: There are numerous advantages for teens who engage in recreation therapy. Self-esteem, leadership skills, communication skills and more are boosted when engaging in music, drama, sports, equine therapy, outdoor recreation therapy and more.
  • Life skills: Teens need to learn the skills that they must have to become adults, including laundry, hygiene, budgeting, conflict resolution, job interviewing and much more. At resident boarding schools, they learn how to be more self-sufficient and what it takes to care for themselves.

There’s no doubt that summer camps have their place as retreats from a teen’s negative life, but they don’t provide the stability and guidance through these hard times that therapeutic boarding schools will. Oregon teenagers will definitely be on the fast track toward long-term healing when they attend a place like Liahona Academy. This well-rounded school should top the list of teen help programs that Oregon parents should investigate.

Liahona Academy is Best for Helping Troubled Oregon Teens

There’s no time to waste in finding a teen rehabilitation program for troubled adolescent boys, and parents shouldn’t make the mistake of choosing a summer camp over a resident boarding school program. Oregon parents will not regret selecting Liahona Academy for their teen sons, and there are plenty of former students and their parents that will share their experiences. Each parent wishes that their teenagers will transition successfully into adulthood and overcome their issues with conditions like depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, bipolar, substance abuse, addiction, opposition defiance disorder and more. The good news is that Liahona Academy can help teens accomplish all that and more.

Learn more about Liahona Academy and all they can do to help struggling teenage boys from Oregon by calling 1-855-587-1416.

Oregon Cities With Troubled Teens Should Look At Liahona Academy

Portland, Salem, Gresham, Eugene, Beaverton, Bend, Springfield, Medford, Corvallis, Albany, Hillsboro, Tigard, Lake Oswego, Keizer and Astoria.

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