Teens Who Struggle with Narcissism

Teenagers are often riddled with numerous problems on a daily basis and teens that struggle with narcissism need help in understanding and dealing with this personality disorder. Liahona Academy is a residential treatment center for troubled teenage boys seeking recovery for the problems and issues they face in their lives. Call our admissions staff today for more information on narcissism and how they can help your son, 855-587-1416.

What is Narcissism? 

Narcissism is a Personality Disorders in Teenagers that usually starts in the teenage years and generally affects males more often than females. Teenage boys that suffer from this disorder are focused on their own needs and physically cannot focus or take into account the feelings or desires of other people. When a person has a narcissistic personality disorder, many areas of their lives are often affected.

While there are many different types of the narcissism personality disorder, most fall under one of the five main classifications:

- Unprincipled Narcissist: A teen that excessively lies, cheats, exploits others and is isolated or antisocial.
- Elitist Narcissist: Teens that overly seek complaints and admiration from others, they often brag about themselves and exaggerate their qualities.
- Fanatic Narcissist: A teen that has extreme low self-esteem and seeks the admiration and acceptance of others by putting into play schemes, plans and thinking that they are heroes.
- Compensatory Narcissist: Teenagers that are socially awkward and feel inadequate amongst peers and are usually passive-aggressive.
- Amorous Narcissist: Overly emotional teens that exhibit inappropriate behaviors.

Through therapy your son will be able to learn which category his narcissism disorder falls under and will learn how to better cope with daily life. Liahona Academy can provide help and treatment for your son; 855-587-1416.

Liahona Academy Helps Teens Who Struggle with Narcissism

Liahona Academy is a residential treatment center for troubled teens that provides a caring, therapeutic environment vital to the recovery process. Alongside traditional therapy such as individual, group and family systems therapy, your son will also take part in the recreational therapy program. This type of therapy focuses on recovery through hands-on experiences such as hiking, camping, water sports, skiing, sports and other physical activities. In addition to therapy, Liahona Academy also offers an unsurpassed academia program focusing on grade recovery with a college bound curriculum.

We strongly recommend Liahona Academy teens who struggle with narcissism. Residential treatment centers are an excellent method for recovery as they provide healing opportunities throughout the entire day. Your son needs help with his narcissism disorder and any other problems he may be facing, Liahona Academy provides that help; call 855-587-1416 today.  

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