Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Troubled Boys in Ohio

Do you feel like your troubled teen boy needs professional help to get him to change his ways? Your son can discover real life-changing care at a therapeutic boarding school or residential treatment center for troubled boys that serve boys from Ohio. Liahona Academy is a residential treatment center (similar to a therapeutic boarding school) with a home-like atmosphere that has professional staff members with more than 15 years of experience in caring for troubled teen boys. Our school is a feasible option to boarding schools in Ohio, and we encourage you to find out what makes our program so unique.

It may be time for your son to get the best available therapeutic care, please contact us today. Just call Liahona Academy at 1-855-587-1416.

Why Liahona Academy Focuses On Serving Troubled Boys From Ohio?

Liahona Academy is a residential treatment center (similar to a therapeutic boarding school) that is specially designed to provide troubled boys with the therapeutic care they need. All boy therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers like Liahona Academy offer the necessary environment for troubled boys to turn things around. We often help boys who deal with unique issues such as ADD/ADHD, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, defiance and anger issues, abuse trauma, and more. Our intervention into your teen son's life can help turn his behavior from negative and destructive to positive and constructive.

Because we are located in Utah, we are the perfect place for your son to turn over a new leaf in life. An out of state therapeutic boarding school for troubled teen boys in Ohio removes teen boys from their current negative environment. Imagine the fresh start your son could make if he were able to leave behind his influential friends, frustrated teachers, bad habits and tense family relationships. At our residential treatment center, he can discover the motivation to change and grow in his new setting.

Our Successful Program Versus Boys Boarding Schools in Ohio

Therapeutic boarding schools use effective methods that are specially tested and designed to help troubled youth from all areas that are in need of professional care. Liahona Academy has helped hundreds of boys just like yours to leave bad behavior behind and step forward into a healthier, more responsible future. Our facility is designed to provide a safe and structured atmosphere where teens can get professional help that goes beyond what their parents can do. Of course it’s hard to admit that your teen needs more than your love to succeed. That’s where Liahona Academy enters into the picture.

Here are just a few reasons why our program is successful:

  • We focus on academics. We provide academic opportunities in our residential treatment program, similar to those in a therapeutic boarding school. While working directly with academic staff, your son repair his GPS, accelerate his learning, and attend college prep classes. At our school, boys can earn a high school diploma.
  • We provide therapy. Our licensed therapists hold group sessions and individual sessions with each teen to get to the root of the behavior issues. Usually, bad behavior in teens is a sign of something much deeper, and a trained therapist with experience in treating adolescents can identify the issue then work with the boys to overcome them.
  • We know how to have fun. Recreational therapy is a big part of our program, and the boys have the chance to enjoy the great outdoors, build leadership skills, learn new hobbies and discover that there are lots of ways to have healthy and constructive fun. Hiking, fishing, boating, swimming are camping are just a few of the activities we do year round.
  • We prepare them for life. Our program includes life skills classes and workshops like leadership, independent living, personal assessment and behavior analysis, so that the boys can learn the best approaches to becoming a successful adult.
  • We honor relationships. Often, troubled teen boys have damaged or destroyed important relationships in their lives as a result of bad behavior. At our school, boys learn how to develop relationships that are healthy and strong, and also to repair relationships that may be strained via family therapy.

Liahona Academy is a realistic helpful option for parents of troubled boys that are in need of professional and constructive therapeutic care. Our professionals here at Liahona Academy are here to ensure that your son has access to everything he needs to reverse bad behavior and the consequences. There's no reason to continue struggling with your troubled boy or make him go to a boarding school for troubled boys in Ohio. Break the cycle of negativity and consider Liahona Academy.

Issues Facing Teens Who Could Use Ohio Boarding Schools

When teenagers are stuck and suffer from constant behavioral, mental health and emotional issues and don't get the professional help they need, they could turn to risky behaviors to deal with them. There are far too many teens who have already made decisions and engaged in behavior that will affect them negatively for many years to come. Here are just a few examples of troubled teen statistics in Ohio:

  • Alcohol abuse: In Ohio, approximately 38,000 teen boys and 42,000 teen girls abuse alcohol each year.
  • Drug use: 7.5% of Ohio teens use marijuana while 5.9 % use other illicit drugs.
  • Suicide: Ohio ranks 34th in the nation for teen suicides.
  • Violent crime: 160 Ohio teens are arrested each year.
  • Property crime: 1,088 Ohio teens are arrested each year.
  • High school graduation: Ohio has an 80% graduation rate.

Liahona Academy staff members have real-life experience in guiding teens away from negative habits and behaviors and toward more positive and productive life choices. We don't use strict punishments or fear to motivate troubled teen boys to change their behavior. Instead, we use a family atmosphere, positive peer pressure and behavior modification to encourage boys to stop rebelling, end defiance and witness the consequences of their actions. We're always excited to see our boys make real changes, achieve goals and find success.

Choose Liahona Academy Over Ohio Boarding Schools

While there are many therapeutic boarding schools in Ohio, when it comes to your family and son, look outside the state to Liahona Academy. Utah is an ideal location for your son, and it is just a short plane ride away. Of all the advantages of being in Utah, one in particular stands out the most. Utah has some of the most stringent licensing and regulatory laws for teen help facilities in the entire country, so you can feel confident that our standards are higher than almost anyone else. Also, the desert landscape of Southern Utah, where Liahona Academy is located, is the perfect place for a range of outdoor activities designed to boost a teen's self-esteem and bond with peers and mentors. Liahona Academy has that structured and supportive atmosphere your teen needs to make changes in his life.

For a teen help program for boys that gives them the best chances for long-term success, please consider Liahona Academy. The expert staff, positive peer culture, awesome academic component and fun recreation all await even the most troubled boys. Call Liahona Academy at 1-855-587-1416 to learn more about how we can help your son.

Cities in Ohio with Troubled Boys Who Found Professional Support at a Therapeutic Boarding School

Columbus Fairfield Cleveland Cincinnati Mentor Cleveland Heights Cuyahoga Falls Toledo Akron Dayton Parma Hamilton Kettering Lakewood Elyria Euclid Middletown Mansfield Youngstown Canton Lorain Springfield Warren Newark Strongsville


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