Utilize Family Therapy to Uncover Key Issues and Begin Healing Together

Family members don’t struggle in a vacuum. When one family member is going through a hard time, it affects everyone in the household. That’s why therapeutic treatment for troubled teen boys should always include a strong family therapy component. Otherwise, it can be incredibly difficult to come together again as a family.

Why Is Family Therapy Important

For those families that are dealing with a troubled teen boy, family therapy is an essential part of the healing process. With a trained professional to guide the family—and help keep things civil—family members can open up and process issues together and work toward solutions.

For example, say that your son has been caught skipping school often, will often avoid family members and remain inside his room, and is exceptionally grumpy when you try to talk to him on your own. Through the aid of a family therapist to help draw your son out, you may find out that he is depressed and doesn’t know how to manage his feelings.

With the help of a family therapist, you can work together as a family to reach effective solutions and to heal through hurts that tempers, bad behavior, and other situations have inflicted.

Family Therapy Is Available At Residential Treatment Centers

Should your teenager need greater help than talk therapy can provide alone, attending a residential treatment center for troubled teens may be what your family needs. For one thing, therapy is baked into the daily schedule, allowing your teen to flourish in a supportive environment.

Also, family therapy doesn’t end if your teen goes to a residential treatment center. Instead, these troubled teen programs offer family therapy sessions on the weekend so that families can still work together. The regularity of these sessions will depend on the residential treatment center, but a trained and licensed therapist will always lead the family therapy session.

Engage In Family Therapy While Your Teen Attends Liahona

At Liahona Treatment Center, we understand the essential role family plays in helping their teens recover and move forward positively. That’s why we encourage a high amount of family involvement, even if your family lives far away from our residential treatment center.

For one thing, we incorporate family therapy every other weekend through secure video conferencing. That way, you and the rest of the family can still talk to your away family member and work through issues. This process is important, as it helps to clear the air and help the whole family better understand each other.

If you are interested in finding out more about Liahona and how we can help your son—as well as the rest of the family—heal and come together again, please contact us. Each teenage boy has unique challenges, and our program advisors can help you determine if Liahona is the right place to help him overcome his difficulties and reach his full potential.

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