When The Nice Girls Have To Fight Off The “Mean Girls” In Today’s School System

Being a nice girl isn’t always easy; sometimes, you have to deal with a group of mean girls in school, which can be one of the most difficult things to do. When you’re the parent of a girl who is getting bullied by other girls, it can be hard to help her cope, but here are some ideas to make life a little easier for her.

Listen to Her

It can be so difficult to listen to your daughter talk about her problems and not try to solve them right away. But this can start to make her feel like she isn’t really being heard or that her problems have an easy solution. Instead, start by listening. Let her get out all of her frustrations by just venting. Try not to solve the problem right away, and after she manages to talk about it, she really will start to feel a little better.

Choose Your Words Carefully

When your daughter is done telling you about the issues at school, make sure to choose your words carefully. Very Well gives a few tips on advice parents can tell their daughters in a mean girl situation, including

  • “Remember to stay strong and to be confident in yourself.”
  • “Don’t just respond right away when they are making fun of you. Think about what you’re going to say back. This is a way of having control over the situation.”
  • “Don’t let this take your focus away from school. After all, you’re there to learn.”

Show Her Support

Another one of the best ways to help her is just to remind her that you understand her feelings, you care about her, and you will always be there to listen and support her. This problem might not be solved overnight, so showing her you’re there for her will make all the difference in the world.

Help Her Recognize Good Friends from Bullies

iMom gives this advice: teach your daughter to be able to recognize the difference between bullies and friends. Help her learn that people who truly care about her won’t behave this way. Then, dig deeper as to why these mean girls have been so cruel. Remind her that bullies often act out because they are attempting to control their own situations and are doing so in the wrong way.

Additional Support for Parents

Parenting a teen is not easy, especially girls. There's a lot of support for parents, so don't think twice reaching out for it.

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