Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Troubled Boys in Arizona

Therapeutic boarding schools for troubled boys are a viable help option  available to help troubled boys living in Arizona. If you are the parent of a troubled boy whose decisions are negatively affecting his own life as well as yours then the time to intervene is now. Consider the therapeutic intervention that has been proven to provide troubled boys in Arizona with the care they need to get back on track. Therapeutic boarding schools are unique in the fact that they combine the support of trained professionals with peer support. These combine to create a powerful catalyst for change in the lives of troubled boys.

Parents that are considering the care that can be provided for their child by a therapeutic boarding school for troubled boys needs to be ready to compare several programs in order to find the boarding school that is best suited to helping their troubled boy.  Liahona Academy understands how important the right placement can be in the recovery of a troubled boy and it is for this reason the professionals of Liahona Academy ask you to call for a free consultation. Allow them to help you find the perfect solution for your troubled boy, call now at 1-800-675-8101.

Therapeutic boarding schools for troubled boys are specifically designed to work with troubled boys and help them work through their issues. In many cases when dealing with troubled youth there are often underlying issues such as anxiety and depression that lead to out of control behaviors. Therapeutic boarding schools for troubled boys make it a priority to identify and work on any underlying issues your troubled boy may be struggling with. 

Typical Troubled Boy Profile | AZ


Anger issues

Mood Disorders


Substance Abuse



Lack of motivation

Low self-esteem


Liahona Academy Can Help

The professionals of Liahona Academy understand that finding the program best suited to helping your child is extremely important.  If you are ready to get your troubled boy the help he needs then consider calling the professionals of Liahona Academy now for a free consultation at 1-800-675-8101.

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