Consider Similar States When Sending Your Troubled Teen Out Of Colorado For Boarding School

As a parent, you probably want to keep your child close to Colorado and near your home state if you are looking at sending him to a therapeutic boarding school. However, you might want to consider states that are similar to Colorado when looking for a place to send your troubled teen. You will want to find a reputable facility that provides the varied services your young person needs, such as structured discipline, confidence building, therapeutic counseling and addiction treatment. These programs offer an alternative to incarceration and can be used as motivation to keep a struggling adolescent out of jail or prison.

Cautions About Therapeutic Boarding Schools

In addition to all types of counseling and treatment, you might have tried several interventions with your child to no avail. It could be time to look outside of Colorado at a boys’ boarding school for troubled teens. Programs might use different names, such as “emotional growth facilities,” “wilderness therapy programs,” “teen boot camps,” or similar names. However, these programs do not fall under the oversight of the federal government and as such, are not monitored or regulated. One federal report indicated that neglect and abuse at facilities harmed some participants, in some cases, even leading to death. False claims related to these programs include:

Program accreditation Success rates The level of treatment Staff credentials Accountability and Endorsements by supposed supporters.

Suggestions From the Federal Government

If you are looking for boys’ boarding schools for troubled teens outside of Colorado, the Federal Trade Commission suggests the following:

Investigate the facility online Question the staff Ask for documentation to back their claims Visit the facility Request promises and policies in writing.

Staying Close to Home

You might want to stay in a similar state when searching for a boys’ boarding school for troubled teens outside of Colorado. One advantage of staying near your home state is the ease of travel and the possibility of driving instead of flying out of state. While flying is usually faster, driving gives you the option of taking a last-minute trip without advance planning. In an emergency, you will have quicker access to your child if needed.

Recommended Questions

The following questions might help you make a decision about a facility:

1. Is the facility licensed?

2. What type of license do they hold?

3. Who has licensed them?

4. Have any negative actions or complaints been filed against the facility?

5. If so, what types of complaints? You will want to evaluate each complaint based on its severity. Any accusations of abuse of children should be fully examined and explained before you consider admitting your troubled teen to the facility.

6. What type of academic curriculum does the program offer? Do students attend online classes or are they taught by professional and certified teachers?

7. Is the school accredited? Will the academic credits transfer back to Colorado?

8. Who is the school director and what credentials does he or she have?

9. Is the rest of the staff, including teachers, counselors, therapists, doctors and psychologists, credentialed as well? What is their experience?

10. Does the facility run background checks on all employees?

11. How are students screened for admission?

12. Will your son have an individualized treatment plan?

13. What happens in the event of an emergency?

14. What type of discipline procedure does the facility employ?

15. How does the facility determine the success of participants?

16. Is contact between parents and children restricted in any way?

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