Improving Self-Care and Hygiene For Boys At Residential Treatment Centers


While parents do not necessarily send their troubled teen boys away to residential treatment centers due to poor personal hygiene and self-care, the lack of good hygiene and self-care are definitely some of the symptoms of a troubled teen boy. So, while the teens in residential treatment receive therapy and academic help, residential treatment centers also help boys improve their self-care habits and personal hygiene.

Ways Residential Treatment Helps With Personal Hygiene

Residential treatment centers are intensive therapeutic centers where many parents send teens who have failed to thrive with other, less intensive intervention tactics. Due to this, many of the teens which enter residential treatment are generally struggling in many aspects of their lives, including personal hygiene.

Liahona Academy helps troubled teen boys take control of their personal hygiene in several ways. Some of the ways our residential treatment center helps are:

  • Providing supplies - To help keep the boys on even footing, Liahona provides many personal hygiene supplies. This also ensures that hygiene can be properly taken care of since the needed hygiene supplies are on hand.
  • Give instruction - We have a robust staff of medical professionals at Liahona and part of their work is to give instructions on how to maintain personal hygiene. It can be too embarrassing for teen boys to ask for help with hygiene, so we provide the instruction to help them all be sure how to best care for themselves.
  • Stick to routines - Much of proper personal hygiene comes as a natural part of a routine. At Liahona, our troubled teens stick to a firm routine which includes necessary time for personal hygiene. The repetition provided in the routine will help the teens make good hygiene a firm habit in the future.

Why A Teen's Self-Care And Hygiene Works Together

Many teens turn their unhappiness and troubled behaviors toward themselves, leaving them to neglect their self-care. A good residential treatment center will not only address issues with personal hygiene but the deeper symptoms that the lack of self-care displays.

Liahona builds time into our daily program to ensure that we build up the troubled teen boys, helping them with self-esteem and personal development. This is because we understand that once these teen boys understand their true worth, they will be able to embrace the changes they make in residential treatment and carry that into their lives beyond treatment.

If you believe your son could benefit from our program, feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to answer any of your questions and tell you more about our program, so you can see if it is a good fit for your son.

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