Relationship Issues in Teens

Relationships developed during the teenage years can make a strong impact on how teens date in later years. Teens can learn how to develop and maintain a healthy relationship and stay away from harmful relationship issues by careful observation and clear communication from parents. Problems that grow in teen relationships often result from incidents that start out as dramatic and careless, but can end as violent and serious. As parents of teens, it is important to educate our children about relationship issues that can occur in teen dating. Call Liahona Academy today at 1-855-587-1416 to learn useful information about relationship issues in teens.Relationship Issues | Teens

Our Job As Parents of Teens

When teens start to shows signs of interest in dating, it is important for parents to keep all communication barriers down so their teen will feel comfortable talking about relationships. Especially during the teen years, giving your permission and carefully observing your teen’s relationship can help them from making decisions that can cause long-term negative consequences. Parents of teens need to answer all questions and give advice to assist their teen on the new road that dating opens up. It will be awkward for teens to talk about dating and all the feelings that come with it, which is why it is so important to be available when they have questions or concerns. There are many relationship issues that can develop during teen dating. If you see your teen experiencing frequent struggles with the following situations, it is time to take action.

Violence: Most parents do not know this, but violence in teen dating is very common. Whether it is physical violence, emotional violence, or sexual violence, it can become extremely confusing to teens if someone they love or who “loves” them is hurting them in some way. Discuss respectful relationships and help teens to recognize signs of abuse so that they will be able to identify the situation quickly.

Intimacy: A lot of teens feel added pressure to become intimate in their relationship, even if they aren’t feeling ready. The pressure from peers and the media convey to teens that becoming intimate is normal or even expected of them. This expectation can pressure teens, that aren’t ready, to participate in intimate behaviors.

Infatuation: Some teens find themselves infatuated with their relationship because of the strange feelings that come with dating. More than likely, they are not prepared to let in these intense feelings that are foreign to them. You may see your teen becoming very depressed when they are not with their boyfriend/girlfriend or they may begin cutting off their other friends and family for their relationship.

Liahona Academy Can Help Parents and Teens With Relationship Issues

Sometimes, relationship issues in teens can lead to deeper personal struggles that can be harmful to your teen. If your situation seems to have taken a severe turn, Liahona Academy can help. We are a residential treatment center that helps troubled teens and parents of troubled teens find answers and take the necessary steps to return back to their happy lives together. Our goal is to see troubled teens succeed, and we will do whatever we can to make that happen for your teen. To further discuss relationship issues in teens and Liahona Academy, call us at 1-855-587-1416 today.

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